• Some of them, yes, and the others I'd ridden on the RAAW last weekend.

    And I think you've got it - I go faster on the RAAW because it's got more suspension, more brakes, more grip. Then, when coming to the trail again I know that I can carry more speed.

    I'm also jumping a lot higher/tackling more jumps on the Pace than I was before.

    In other news I dropped the Mezcals and the wheels they're destined for off at my* bikeshop, when they're done I'll rebuild the 529 ready for SDW adventures.

    * Suck my balls.

  • Been waiting for mezcal for ages; they’re going on both our gravel bike, coincidentally enough the SDW too.

  • I go faster on the RAAW because it's got more suspension, more brakes, more grip. Then, when coming to the trail again I know that I can carry more speed.

    Aye, absolutely.
    I think that frequent riding obviously helps improve. I tend to find that I feel faster in the later summer months when I've been riding 3 or 4 times a week for a few months. Thats when I feel most confident, but then get too confident and crash hard in September and not ride again until spring.

  • Yes, I agree. I think another thing that I struggle with is line choice - with a modern fork you can pick a line that (to someone coming from 20 years of road bikes) feels insane, hitting significant roots mid corner with the bike leant over hard. But, the bike will happily deal with it, it's the pilot that is the problem. One useful aspect of somewhere with as much traffic as the Surrey Hills is that you can see what lines other riders are choosing - if it worked for them, maybe it'll work for me.

  • Yeah, line choice is something I have to consciously tell my self to try focus on, otherwise I tend to steamroll through sections when on the big bike.

    You don’t happen to have any 210x50 air shocks for sale? They are all 55mm stroke?

  • 210x55 I'm afraid, RT3 air and a DHX coil.

  • All good, I’ve seen sense and bought a you know what…

  • I think this is probably understood now, but to add my $0.02, for the RAAW I went with an off-the-shelf AXS-XTR setup, so XTR crank, ring, BB, chain and cassette with an XX1 AXS mech and shifter.

    On the Pace I'd read what I could find on the Internets and had bought Kogel jockey wheels for the mech, as it (although the accounts were contradictory) some said that the SRAM jockey wheel tooth profile would not play well with a Shimano chain.

    This seems to be bollocks, the stock wheels in the mech on the Madonna are fine, the system works perfectly, and it has no compromises (that I have yet to find, anyway).

  • Just caught up on this again, Raw looks fantastic! Michelin tyres/ Ohlins pairing looks especially fresh!

  • Thanks- I think it’s a great bike.

    Rode this today, enjoyed it- trackstanding is back on point, which is nice.

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    • 3DDFED31-B646-49F7-9D03-A3D05616828B.jpeg
  • That's such a handsome bike! I haven't ridden on the road for months now and have barely mountain biked due to excessive amounts of DIY and a marathon... it's a sorry state of affairs.

  • Built the hardtail back up for the first time since I buggered my ankle on it last year.

    Added the excellent Tijmen bags properly, for the first time, including Apidura bladder to see how it all goes together.

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    • F8022CE9-7448-473B-9AA5-EAAF52BBCB73.jpeg
  • You love to see it.

    I’m also glad the cat has its tantalising entertainment sorted for the weekend.

  • Was great seeing that. Handsome bike

  • Looks good, you off camping?

  • Hah, no- Swinley this morning on the way down to my folks then SDW tomorrow.

    I just wanted to check out how the bags fit/how to route the hose/fill the bladder.

    Preparation for more exciting stuff, no exciting stuff right now.

  • Fettling

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  • Garage door

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  • .

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  • Oh I’ve always had a soft spot for TVR.
    Not any time soon, but I’d like to own one eventually. #moneypit

  • Read a comment on here about them burning. Funnily that is exactly what happened to my dad's taimar turbo. Fortunately he got out and could stand and watch it burn on the side of the road. Unfortunately he is incorrigible and now has a caterham.

    Looks like a nice ride.

  • haha yeah, they certainly have some reputations...
    I had a client who had a one. He was quite into his motorsport and still raced. He spent about an hour listing all the things that had went wrong/went on fire and basically undrivable if the roads are wet.
    I'd still like to tick the box though. Or maybe just borrow one for a day.

  • So basically the magura brakes of the automotive world?

  • I think now all know what car Neil should be buying next…

  • I just saw one now (Cebera)in Angel with the hazards on stopped at a set of lights. I guess it had broken down...

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I have no idea what I'm doing (Dammit’s adventures in mountain biking)

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