• How about this- last week I had 8mm remaining on the gauge which I think we can agree is “bottomed out, but not harshly”.

    Had 16mm left after setting a PR on Red 15 at Swinley today, will be Holmbury way tomorrow to see how it does there.

  • 550 is definitely better- rides much higher in its travel which has removed the pedal strike issue. Feel like I want the front up a touch now though.

  • https://www.pinkbike.com/news/review-poc­s-new-waterproof-dungarees-and-pants.htm­l

    This looks like something a mom would buy son to protect his virginity.

    When you're working at the garden centre until 5pm and meeting for the ride at 5.20pm.

    I've been wading for this review.

  • Yeah, read that this morning. I still think the idea is good, but I'm not a fan of the execution.

    I'm also going to send my current set back for a refund as they let water in - but I still have another set stuck in Dutch customs (29 days now) so have not got a refund for those, which I'd like to receive first in order to prove that items can be sent to Europe for a refund without getting stuck forever.

  • You're weeks ahead of PB. I see they also have a sag indicator article up on the home page...


    My Kona's replacement rear triangle has just landed having taken 3 weeks to come from 'Europe'. Seems everything is on the go slow. You're a braver man than I with all these EU purchases.... Shame as I really fancy a Garbaruk cage for my SL7. :(

  • I had a chat with James of J-Tech suspension yesterday, he's the chap who actually measured the motion ratio of the 295's swingarm through it's travel.

    He had two things to say:

    1. Swap from the current 550lbs linear spring to the Cane Creek 550 - 670lbs spring
    2. In his view the DHX shock has almost no low-speed compression, which is why it's sitting a long way into it's travel when pedalling, he advises re-shimming it to dramatically increase the low-speed damping

    I've ordered the 550-670lbs spring and will try that with a lot of low speed dialled in, then make a decision about getting the shock re-shimmed.

    In other news, almost two months after ordering them and sending them back I've almost got a refund for my POC dungarees, which I note are now £530 rather than the £450 that there were when I bought them.

  • POC dungarees…£530

    Half a grand pants

  • which I note are now £530 rather than £450

    Everything is going to get a lots more expensive now, a basic Shimano RS100 wheel is now £134 for a front (from £77).

  • I believe this is a Brexit Benefit.

  • Well we should all be buying homegrown British wheels anyway, not this foreign garbage. Ideally they'll be made from oak, or pig iron.

  • That's a point, I wonder how my new rear wheel is getting on.

  • Do I want a 2.4 or 2.6” rear tyre on my 27.5 rim?

  • 2.4 for winter

  • .

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  • 'Wait, this isn't fly fishing!'

  • okay this is great content !

  • Do I want a 2.4 or 2.6” rear tyre on my 27.5 rim?

    You put the 2.6 on the rear and a 2.4 on the front didn't you?? 😬

  • That’s (I think) 2.5 DHF and 2.3 Minion SS. I don’t think it was the tyres that caused the excitement, however.

  • Lucky you had the parachute pants on the keep you the right way up... (?)

  • That first pic looks kinda over the bars sketchy?

  • Yes, everyone (including me) thought I was going OTB, luckily I rode it out.

    Ankle is quite sore, oddly.

  • ah the classic triple bombhole trail on Pitch Hill

  • Yep.

  • yeah I noticed that. Not a very good cut for the price.

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