• Used some Jagwire foam hose sheath and the annoying rattle is gone- let there be much joy in the land

  • Every time I have worn them so far it’s turned out to not be as wet as I thought it was going to be.

    That's the thing, it's like mudguard where it doesn't feel like it's enough to use them, but without them, you get soaked when it's slightly damp.

  • How did the bleeding go?

  • Was fine. Taking the lever off the bar is definitely the way to handle Maguras.

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  • Are they really warm?

    I find unless it is REALLY grim, waterproof long legs on an MTB ride are just a sweat fest. I'm looking at some winter gear now. Usually just go with longish baggies, nanoflex kneewarmers and merino socks.

  • I get really cold, very easily. Conversely I seem to cope with high temperatures fairly well.

    = I have the temperature management of a pensioner.

  • Although that's on the bike, when I'm running I'm a shorts and vest in mid-winter type.

  • The coil spring travel measurement stick is slowly making it's way closer

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  • You could say it’s well traveled

  • Very apt delivery company name

  • Because it'll arrive next Spring? Thanks #Brexit. 🙄

  • Not that I think there's anything wrong with my current 502lb Ohlins spring, but in part anticipating a trip to Bike Park Wales and in (probably larger part) because I can't help fiddling with stuff I have ordered a Cane Creek Valt progressive spring - 500lb rising to 610lb, so essentially what I have now in the initial stroke, starting to rise in the mid and then significantly higher in the end stroke.

    My measuring stick has apparently left the Netherlands, so may even make it to me sometime next week - at which point I'll have a much better idea of what is going on, other than of course my current "feels great".

  • starting to rise in the mid and then significantly higher in the end stroke.

    Like an air shock?

  • "feels great"

    Never trust your feelings, Luke

  • Cane Creek say it replicates the rising rate of their air shock with one volume spacer in there, they don't mention whether they engineered in a 700lb resistance for the very start of the stroke though for a true 1:1.

  • I seen your post about folk potentially pooling what coils they have sitting spare. I don’t necessarily want to sell any of mine but could lend them out to folk looking narrow down the search.
    I’ll note down all that I have, I’ve got quite few.

    I’d be curious to borrow your progressive spring in the future just for the sake it really.

  • More than happy to chuck it in the post after I've had a bounce around on it.

    And, just to clarify - not talking about anyone selling springs, just thought it would be useful to know who might lend one out for testing.

  • Presumably you used a calculator to get a rough ballpark for coil lbs - which one did you use, @Dammit?
    Between the various calculators I've found online, I'm told I need between 425 and 630(!) lbs springs. I wondered if you'd had such inconsistent results with calculators too

  • Use the TF tuned one and pick the correct type of linkage for your bike.

    I’ve also noticed different results across the other but find the TF one to be accurate.


  • Yeah, the TF one is the one that's confirming what I'm feeling currently, i.e. they suggest I need a 425-450 depending on sag required, and the 400 I've got feels a bit too soft

  • I'm a little unsure which type of suspension to choose on their calculator. If I pick VPP then I get 501lbs.

  • I think vpp is the right choice for the pace.
    It’s a twin link but they both rotate in the same direction.
    Would need someone more knowledgeable to confirm though

  • Now I just need my plastic stick.

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  • Feels heavier than I recall the Ohlins to be.

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I have no idea what I'm doing (Dammit’s adventures in mountain biking)

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