• You've heard of a dirty burger and a dirty Martini? Well...

  • I'm pretty sure no one has ever spent more than £7 at the tea hut.

  • @Howard the bike wash now costs £2. Talk about inflation. And still no Mucoff

  • In their lifetime?

  • the bike wash now costs £2.

    Christ alive

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  • Rear feels very good- lots of support, very springy when you want to come off the ground and without the harsh feeling over smaller stuff. Front I’ve just put 5 more
    PSI in (110 now) as I’d not expect to use all the travel on the trails I’ve been doing. It doesn’t feel bad, mind- this is more an experiment

  • I think dammit just said that he's fixed the brakes issue and you're all talking about the price of sandwiches....

  • Brakes are working fantastically it is true

  • Couple of little drifts mid corner today- both ends breaking away at the same time which is quite fun.

  • Two wheel drifts are the absolute most fun! Glad to hear it's all coming together now!

  • Please god may this continue

  • What did you have for lunch though?

  • Fortnum and Masons finest picnic hamper.

  • Personal chef stored in the car's boot

  • Marmite and peanut butter sandwiches

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  • yes, but what brand of PB? details!

  • It's the Marmite Peanut Butter:

  • I had the Seb Stott Pinkbike review of the Secus in the back of my mind today, it's interesting seeing the fork (with no load on it at all) sitting just below the 10% sag line.

    Seb fitted a 20mm longer air-spring to the Zeb that he was testing the Secus with, which I think would be too long for my Lyrik, but I'll probably get it re-sprung with a 160mm travel air-spring when I next get it serviced so that I have the same travel that I did before.

    I think the fork needs careful dialling in, both in terms of pressure and compression damping settings, but it's interesting. Slight issue is that it's been so long since I rode the bike (thanks, Magura) that I am having a degree of trouble in comparing how the fork performs now vs how it was before. What I will say is that the bike feels very balanced, in a way that it didn't before.

    How do you see how much travel you've used with a coil shock?

  • How do you see how much travel you've used with a coil shock

    I don't think you do?

  • How do you see how much travel you've used with a coil shock?

  • It’s pure curiosity on my part.

  • How do you see how much travel you've used with a coil shock?


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I have no idea what I'm doing (Dammit’s adventures in mountain biking)

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