• Have you plotted the actual leverage curve (ratio Y-axis against shock stroke, X)? With a linkage driven (and floating!) shock, I'm not sure drawing the arc of the wheel travel tells you anything about the rate of progression experienced by the shock.

  • Are you on furlough still or something Neil? …… you have way too much time on your hands!

  • No, just the rear wheel travel relative to the travel at the shock. Rear wheel travels (very roughly, see my measurements) 10mm for 4mm at the shock, all the way through the stroke.

    It does vary slightly- but in general that’s within the width of my sharpie, so that’s my measurement tolerance I suspect.

  • Ah that does appear quite linear then

  • I think I’ve fixed it.

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    • 06C8C536-0EA4-4CD1-A4BE-CE8A1F58C377.jpeg
  • Now you've gone and made your lamp sad

  • That’s not the spring- the lamp has realised that it can never posses enough inverse snobbery to successfully contribute to the Golf Club thread, so it’s trying to sneer at the books instead.

  • Coil and air, problem solved!

  • Is that a regular or an offset zip tie?

  • It's a pity you can't put the shock in upside down, and rotated 90 degree so the extra chamber sticks out to the side

  • Didn’t catch this before the edit….. Hope I didn’t offend you! Was a genuine question, not a dig!

  • (Bobby in not trolling Neil about his MTB woes shocker)

  • Ha! Looks like it’s wilted over time. I reckon it was completely up right once upon a time

  • you two talking about spare time without children is 😂

  • I got 99 problems, but kids will never be one!

  • But also, as a person approaching 40, who’s been in a relationship for almost 10 years, my partner and I have recently started to notice how increasingly frowned upon we seem to be by society for making a conscious decision to not have children…… I’ve been dwelling on it a lot recently….. I would never be negative towards a couple because they have chosen to reproduce, but it’s astonishing how many other couples we meet who have kids who seem to think we are devil worshipers or something because we have chosen to not have kids before even getting to know us……

    And that’s not even taking into consideration the couples who are unable to have children for biological/health reasons!

    The world needs to normalise the fact that having kids is (in most cases) a choice, not a requirement.

    People who have children and whinge about them stealing all their free time will never get anything resembling sympathy from me!

  • Sorry for wine induced derail BTW. 😂

  • we are devil worshipers

    i mean you ride BB30a

  • That’s my mechanics problem, not mine!

    (Read “my mechanic” as “best mate” before you go golf clubbing that comment)

  • Not that I’ve ever had any issues with any press fit BB standards tho TBF….. user error is a thing 😜

  • I concur

  • but it’s astonishing how many other couples we meet who have kids who seem to think we are devil worshipers or something

    It's just that you are of no use to them. Worse - you are a crushing reminder of everything they've lost.

    i mean you ride BB30a

    Or it's just this

  • everything they've lost

    Ha! Painfully true. I mean, I’ve got kids and I suppose they are nice n that but…

  • I've put the swingarm figures into a chart.

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    • Screenshot 2021-09-17 at 21.27.06.png
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