• ut the fully floating rear suspension (as per the review that Graeme posted) seems to perform well despite it's paucity of mm.

    Really? It sounds like you're having to buy shock bodges to get it to not blow through the travel as stock. I'd be wary of buying something again from a company that can't get the fundamentals right.

  • I'm not sure I'd call a DHX a "shock bodge". Fox say "the all-new 2022 Float X and 2022 DHX rear shocks are designed to bring “sophisticated damping and fade-free performance” to the trails in lightweight packages".

    As far as I understand it blowing through the mid-range (unless you've got a load of compression damping dialled in) is a characteristic of air shocks, which in this case seems to not be countered by the suspension design.

    If you dial in a load of compression damping the force isn't available to rebound, so the shock will pack down over a long run on choppy terrain- so it's "better" to have the support in the spring/a higher spring rate in the mid-stroke, than it is to provide said support from the compression damping. Then dial in sufficient compression damping to stabilise the suspension.

    Again, this is my "kids in treehouses" level of understanding, very happy to listen to opposing points of view.

    Anyway, this is why I'm experimenting with different types of rear suspension spring, and accompanying damper. I might go back to the SDU, I might swap between the two, or I might do something else entirely.

    All of the reviews of the 295 have praised it's descending in particular, so I don't think that the suspension design misses the mark.

  • is a characteristic of air shocks, which in this case seems to not be countered by the suspension design.

    So why spec them with air shocks?

    FWIW I like the way air shocks ride, I like a progessive, poppy set-up. It just seems odd in this instance that you can't get one to work on the 295 as stock. Could it be a duff shock?

  • So why spec them with air shocks?

    Because an air shock will cater for a 60kg rider or a 100kg rider.

    Similar reason to why the bike wasn't released as a Mullet I would think - easier to sell/cost of sale.

  • When I get the frame back I'll take some measurements and will map out the leverage ratio curve - the instantaneous leverage ration at various points through the travel.

    Be interesting to see what the curve looks like.

  • Suspension arrives at Casa Dammit on Thursday, don't think I'll have a frame to put them on though.

  • Apparently the frame is fixed and going in through post tomorrow

  • .

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  • 466g plays 855g

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  • Magic.

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  • Are the offset bushings standard?

  • No, specific to the frame requirement.

  • Looks like my frame is going to arrive at 18:00. I have to say I actually prefer DPD these days because they give you an hour slot during which they'll pretend to knock on the door, so you don't have to wait to miss them for the whole day.

  • Sadly this is not going to work I think.

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  • Indeed. Still- now we know.

  • Will it fit my bird aether?

  • Don’t know I’m afraid it’s a 210*55 metric shock.

  • It is the correct size: https://www.bird.bike/product/aether-9c-­shimano-12-speed/#configuration

    You would need to use your existing mounting hardware.

  • But currently I am massively overbiked and need to get to know how to handle what I’ve got and make adjustments to that before I start tinkering.

  • I’ll speak to TF Tuned tomorrow about returning it I think. Boo.

  • Just so I'm sure, its the clearance between the coil and frame thats the issue?

  • You can’t turn the slider on the bottom.

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