• Also, could anyone lucky enough to live on the Continent who might be willing to post me a crank please make themselves known?

    I’m in Republic of Ireland (EU) now if that’s of any use to you?

  • Would you be happy to buy a few parts if I transfer you the cash first?

    Extra bonus points if you can post them from NI to avoid customs issues.

  • Happy to just let you order them to my address if you like, but the cost of petrol might outweigh the savings from driving to the north to post them to you ha ha

    Is it that the place with the bits you want won’t ship to the UK? Or the cost of import makes them prohibitively expensive?

  • None of the continental sites will ship to the UK, and the UK retailers have zero stock of most stuff that I want to buy. This is, I believe, part of out Brexit dividend.

  • Aha, had someone else from London get a warranty replacement free hub sent to me recently because they won’t ship to uk either.

    Let me know anyway if you want my address to order parts here, I’m about 2 hours from Enniskillen if it works out considerably cheaper to post to you from there.

  • Hah, the smuggling part was not a (serious) part of the request, I'm not going to ask you to travel to a specific postbox. Thanks for the offer, I'll see if I can find the stuff I am after then I'll give you a shout.

  • I’ve to post something back to sigma sports for a warranty inspection/repair/replacement and waiting to hear back from Irish customs if they’ll hit me with duty sending and receiving, so there’s an outside chance I’ll be driving to enniskillen to post that anyway ha ha

  • - Why did you move to Northern Ireland Mr Dammit?
    - I had to be able to order from Bike24

  • I miss Bike24

    Hurry up and open your bike shop please, Mr Dammit

  • One problem with bike24 and possibly other European retailers, is that they won’t sell certain components to Ireland, I assume due to rules around competition.

  • Wondering this morning what I'd make of riding this now - at the time my usual ride was a Scalpel SE and I was still very new to mountain biking*

    * And still am I admit, but I've had some coaching since and I've put a lot more miles under the wheels of more modern/longer travel bikes.

  • 295 collected by UPS and on it's way back to Pace.

  • What gear cable set do I want for my XTR shifter and mech?

  • Wondering this morning what I'd make of riding this now

    You'd be thinking "Why does everybody else in Swinley Forest car park have the same bike as me?"

  • sp41

    Done, thanks.

  • This thread never ceases to amaze me every few months when I check in to catch up on Neils endless quest to buy stuff that doesn’t work as well he’d like it to.

  • Right back atcha:

    1 Attachment

    • 230575FC-3E58-4425-81E9-B09C02EE0263.jpeg
  • 295 is on the way back- should be with me by Monday. Damage to the seat tube is cosmetic, it’s for some new Invisiframe in that area (previously there was none there) and a prototype mudguard to stop crap being thrown into the linkage.

  • Damage to the seat tube is cosmetic

    This surprises me to be honest. But if Pace say so...

    At least you'll have a bouncy bike for inners.

  • Seat tube, not swingarm. It’s got a whole new swingarm on it.

    2 Attachments

    • 8975A594-3ED8-45EA-846E-0CB03C772C14.jpeg
    • 8F544723-B962-4030-A138-C2FE3354666B.jpeg
  • Frame just arrived- Pace have repaired/touched in the seat tube so you’re hard pressed to spot the damage. I may (read:will) update their little guard though.

  • Ah I hadn't seen the seat tube, it indeed does look cosmetic. Glad to hear the swing arm has been replaced and it was a relatively quick turn around.
    Curious to see this mudguard

  • I’ll take some pictures tomorrow when it’s light again. I’ve been building the frame back up- something that would have been impossible without an internal cable kit (mines from Park, I’m sure others are available). Special mention to the dropper for being slightly more of a pain than the brake hose and shifter cable.

  • impossible without an internal cable kit

    Hurry up and buy axs

    I'll be setting up my shimano/axs hybrid system this week, will report back with my findings

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I have no idea what I'm doing (Dammit’s adventures in mountain biking)

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