• Oooft I just seen this on insta. The colour looks great seeing it built up. Nice kitchen floor too.

    I disagree with wayaway on the effectiveness of videos. They can be helpful to correct something you've been doing wrong when you hear a good explanation of correct technique.
    But agree that ultimately getting as much riding and practice done in real life brings the most progress.

    Didn't you say you called credit card company about the YT bike and they would reverse the payment?

  • Time to get Brixton Ambulance Station on standby...

  • excellent gravel bike !

  • Needs a dropper post

  • And a front brake

  • Needs a dropper post

    5mm travel?

  • It’s a lot of fun- and who knew it would be easier to manual than a seven foot long full suspension bike?

  • Always had a soft spot for Transitions. Even their seven foot long bikes are fun so that is gonna be rad to the power of sick.

  • Please video your progress

    also gimme a go

  • Please video your progress


    This thread also requires more GoPro

  • I need to get a bit faster and better at manualing (these two things are probably the same thing when it comes to a pump track) before I’m ready for prime time I’m afraid. Made more progress today than I have in multiple sessions on my hard tail though.

  • .

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  • You need longer brake lines for tail whips. Have you considered swapping these with those on the Pace?

    Mint looks nice...

  • It actually came with the brake line wrapped around the head tube/stem interface a couple of times, so I've got a couple of tail whips or bar spins before I need to reset it.

    Today was a lot of fun, and it was very interesting to session the smaller jump line as we did.

    I need a lot of practice, until it's instinctive rather than me trying to remember everything to do and in what order, but even so I did really enjoy it. In the picture I am over-jumping the last table-top, and of course on that run I cased the first one, so my challenge is to make that run clearing all the jumps without going too far on the later ones.

  • Hey that’s pretty good. Better than you expected?

  • About where I expected- I cased the first one and over-jumped the last, didn’t manage a clean run once, and you can see how stiff I am. However, it’s all about progression and I’ll crack this line and then move onto the next.

    Then, tail-whips.

  • Good stuff.
    This time next year: superman seat grabs, backflip 3s

  • Not that I'm expert in this in any way, shape or form, but for a first outing on a jump bike I reckon you've got solid foundations to work on.

  • Why am I now craving a jump/park bike

  • You're not alone there

  • Neil is currently influencing in a way that Amey could only dream of

  • Either that, or lfgss is experiencing a collective midlife crisis

  • Not me. I've officially got through mine and out the other side. Sold the Porsche, taken up gardening.

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I have no idea what I'm doing (Dammit’s adventures in mountain biking)

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