• Guessing they’re just a fucking busy shop with no free hands to answer though.

    If it’s any considerations, even retailer is struggling with communication to distro.

  • Spoke to them this morning, bikes going in a box as I type this and should be with me Friday

  • this chat has reminded be to sort out my cruiser BMX...

  • In honour of being 44 I chose the mint colour.

  • And YT just responded to me, because of course they would do so now.

    The response was to tell me that they had nothing to tell me, and I responded asking for my money back.

  • Do it! I dusted off my old DMR Rhythm from parents shed and visited the local pump track. I quickly found that the brakes don't work and wrist that broke a few years ago would appreciate a suspension fork.

  • I'm hoping a 2.2 front tyre will help my previously broken wrists and dodgy shoulders. I imagine I will be (back) wheels on the ground most of the time

  • I'll be heading to Brockwell Park BMX track as soon as I have mine together, if you chaps fancy it let me know.

  • Sounds great!

  • And just got the shipping confirmation from Brink. Different world.

  • They clearly understand the desperation of a man who's only been able to buy 3 mtbs so far this year ;-)

  • Shame you’re not picking it up.

    Take it on its first outing to Chicksands then on to Woburn to scare you silly

  • It's a four hour roundtrip, and I don't have the time sadly.

  • Too busy buying all the available UK stock of MTB's!

  • Did you go for a long or an extra long?

  • Long - the chap with whom I spoke at Brink said he was the exact same height as I am, and the he rode a long, and in his view the XL was too long for what I wanted it for (local pump/BMX track through winter and continuing my "learn to jump" project).

  • Too busy buying all the available UK stock of MTB's!

    I think I'm pretty much done now, but it's possible I got slightly carried away this year.

    I'm going to sell some road bikes to make my total bike holding a bit more reasonable.

  • "learn to jump"

    this youtube video has got to be the clearest explanation on each method of how to hit a jump.

    Its very good explanation of what causes the dreaded nose dive that can happen.

    I think I remember you asking a while ago about what to do with your body and when while hitting the actual jump, the video explains the small pop motion that you need just as your front wheel hits the lip.

    You'll be floating 30 foot doubles by Sunday.

    All this chat is giving me a strong desire to get a wee jump bike now.

    edit - forgot the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSGJqFXr­EdU

  • Thanks for that - I've actually been watching a lot of those types of tutorial, and my ability to clear tables is coming along, I'd just like to accelerate it a little. Proper, get it wrong and spit teeth, doubles still give me The Fear though.

    Last but one trip to Peaslake I was clearing all the (quite little tbh) jumps fully (for the first time I'd note) and it felt great.

  • After zero comms from YT they've just sent a dispatch confirmation - 7 days after I cancelled the order.

    Anyone want an L Dirt Love before I refuse the delivery?

  • just keep riding and your comfort/skill will come naturally. i've never thought videos helped all that much - its all based on feeling and muscle memory anyways.

  • I think the biggest thing that I've taken from the video's is to push down through your feet to the lip of the jump, you want the bike to take the full benefit of the jump rather than hopping into the air from the middle of the ramp as it were. IDK, I find they help, but I'm sure the biggest thing is to ride jumps as much as possible.

  • yea - exactly. you'll try one thing that won't work and another that will, and you build on what works, going faster and higher :)

    biggest recommendation i have is - learn how to pump the lip (which is essentially what you're talking about).

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  • Schwiiing

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I have no idea what I'm doing (Dammit’s adventures in mountain biking)

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