• As in pressing the cups in?

  • Percussive 'pressing', yeah

  • This is good, I should order one.

  • .

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  • Nice! Detail shot of the dropouts?

  • I'll get some tomorrow when there's a bit more light.

    Anyone got a suggestion for settings on the Helm? Fully open with rebound halfway from open was what I was going to go with, but that's utter guesswork.

  • Looks good. Did you not have a hose shortening kit?

  • I do, what I didn’t have was time- started with a pile of boxes at the end of work yesterday, tightened the final bolts at half past ten last night. Will test ride it today and attend to hoses and so on afterwards.

  • Fully open with rebound halfway from open was what I was going to go with

    That's where Cane Creek recommend starting, so go from there

  • I appear to have 10 clicks of rebound, so it’s on 5 now. Would anyone know, with regards to Swinley, where the nearest open ladies lavatory could be found, given that the Lighthouse traps have been shut since the start of C19?

  • As requested.

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  • Including Hoses Of Shame

  • Needs a rear rack

  • I didn’t mean to shame, was going to offer the loan of a hose shortening kit if you didn’t have one!

  • I will admit, I was hoping that the pre-bled brakes would have the correct cable length for an XL 29er, and would thus save me the effort. I do have the tools, so no excuses (other than lack of time and surplus of laziness), Fenella told me to stop working on the bike last night when I started losing my tools (I just put it down!) so frequently that it was clear I was too tired to be productive.

  • Nice. Gonna stick with the flats?

  • Yes, certainly for now. Making progress on the technical side of things that I think would be harder with spuds. I have plenty of pairs in case I want to stick some on.

  • Went to Birds, picked up Fenella's new bike, went to Swinley, had lots of fun. My new Pace is a fantastic bike to ride, absolutely love it.

  • How is it for climbing and on non-technical bits?

  • Really good, very steep seat tube angle means you're well positioned (no lying flat over the bars to stop it doing a wheelie into the scenery), and in comparison to the full suspension bikes I've been riding the hardtail powers up the climbs.

    It's a LLS bike with a 150mm fork, but it's like riding a BMX in comparison to my trail bike.

    I imagine that it would be terrifying verging on impossible to ride this in for e.g. Morgins, at least at speed, but for booting it around Swinley and sending it off everything you can see it's great.

  • Hard to overstate how much fun this bike is.

  • I can totally get you, I never really gotten used to full sus, and always have fun on front sus/rigid (in area like Swinley).

    Blasting around Swinley on @dancing james old Diamondback rigid MTB was surprisingly fun and kept up with the rest of the lufguss on their full/front sus.

    What brilliant about your new bike is that you won’t need to constantly maintain your full sus bikes by using the front sus bikes instead.

  • Feels great so far, used almost all the travel today though so I might use the volume reducer wingnut thing to increase the ramp rate of the air spring a little.

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I have no idea what I'm doing (Dammit’s adventures in mountain biking)

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