• I got home ok, and then used a strong Allen key and the principal of leverage. One loud noise and a strong burning smell later the thru-axle was out.

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  • So diagnosis - puny arms?

  • Still can't get the Magura's to work, bike has been with Rat Race for two weeks now.

  • Well if they can't fix it...

  • Sound like it’s worth getting it warranted.

    I had similar issues, geniunely thought it was due to I not bleeding it properly, turn out to be a dodgy caliper.

  • Most of the time has been due to the bike shop in Morgins doing helpful things like cutting the (literally brand new) rear brake line rather than pulling it out of the frame, which then contaminated the (brand new) pads in the rear calliper, and then keeping my (brand new) MT7 lever and leaving a cheap Magura lever that they had in the workshop in my box of parts.

    But, we did think we had the front bled up properly this morning, and a couple of hours later the lever went to the bar.

  • Every time you post about brakes I think, "Y U no Shimano???".

  • Sadly, I think I would have cut my losses by now

  • Everytime someone posts about Shimano brakes I think "countless reports of wandering bite points and leaky calipers!"

  • Maybe get BB5s?

  • Maybe get BB5s?

    No wandering bite point and leaky calipers.

  • due to the bike shop in Morgins doing helpful things...

    Honestly the way you write it almost as if you weren’t even the least bit annoyed by it.

  • Surely the evidence now points to Maguras being beyone shit? Get some new XT 4 pots and be done with it

  • Surely the evidence now points to Maguras being beyone shit?

    Mine work. Irrefutable evidence that they are awesome!

    Anecdotes are not evidence.

    Something fucking odd has happened here, my money is still on bodge jobs from mechanics who don't know what they are doing.

  • Rat Race have a good relationship with Magura, they can escalate this to the point that new brakes are provided.

    Sunk cost fallacy for sure, but I'd like to see these work as they should do.

    I refuse to believe that for e.g. Danny MacAskill has fluro Magura covers over the top of XT four pots.

  • I've got dirt cheap maguras that have never put a foot wrong
    Shimano brakes that never worked
    A drivetrain that's a mixture of SRAM and Shimano that works perfectly.
    Who knows?!?!

  • Yet their mechanic who MTBs has just bought a pair of those XTs. Fingers crossed they can at least get you a warranty pair of Maguras!

  • Front Magura was working brilliantly yesterday - bled off the bike, with the dual syringe method, which apparently involves pulling a mild vacuum on the top syringe whist waggling/knocking the entire assembly around. According to Pete all of a sudden two bubbles came out (presumably they'd been hiding in the shifter) and it now feels much better than the Zee. Which I have on the rear still, as bleeding a brake system off the bike, when the bike has internal routing, is hard.

  • Thank goodness

  • presumably they'd been hiding in the shifter

    Presumably this is why your brakes weren't working.

    Sounds exactly like the problem I had with my SRAM road levers, took me 3 goes over 2 days to get them working. Left me wishing they were Hope brakes, which I know are messy but they're simple.

  • The Maguras do have some kind of gotcha where you think the job is done but as above, it’s not. It really helps having done a load of them before.

  • In other news, I got stuck trying to put a Rimpact insert into a tyre today. It's currently thinking about what it's done (or, not, as the case may be).

  • Tip for the Rimpact - wet them first, it'll make it a lot easier. Have taken mine in and out a few times thanks to the dodgy tyres Planet X sent me and they were much easier when covered in sealant- didn't even need a lever one of the times.

  • Did you seat the bead of the tyre first? I’m putting a new tyre on at the same time for extra lols

  • Yeah I did, unless your Bruce Banner I'd do so.

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I have no idea what I'm doing (Dammit’s adventures in mountain biking)

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