• ii think they are, too lazy to go in the shed now, will check tomorrow

  • I would prefer to have the gold Renthal, but it wouldn’t arrive in time for me to take the bike to the alps.

  • stem/bar combo you say 👀

  • Would be interested if they don't get taken

  • I hope you don't value @platypus opinion

  • I would prefer to have the gold Renthal

    You know they're not actually made of gold, right?

  • On bike parts? Fortunately not

    Hmm, that sounds rude.

    I mean I've never sought advice on bike stuff from him is all

  • You know they're not actually made of gold, right?

    The colour isn't the key thing for me - it's that Renthal made the bars BITD

  • It's a 35mm bar, so that'd need a shim. I'm ok with the Burgtec - fundamentally I just want the bike now.

    On the Pace Facebook group a guy has just taken his RC285 to BPW, and has found that he's bottoming out on the bigger drops - he's the same weight as I am.

    I've got some tokens coming from Full Factory, they recommend fitting a Gnar token and two bottomless tokens, then backing off the air pressure until I get full travel.

  • My frame was meant to arrive at Pace today. Who would like to guess?

    1. The frame arrived!
    2. The frame did not arrive
  • Hope it the first option but suspect the latter?

    I was riding at Innerleithen on Sunday and seen an RC295 in the flesh for the first time. I wasn't overly keen based on the photos I'd seen but it looks pretty good in real life.

  • I would have thought you would be used to frame delays by now.

  • It's sadly 2, the frames have not arrived. Apparently we get an update tomorrow.

    Was the person on the RC295 having fun?

  • Was the person on the RC295 Guy Kesteven?

  • Riding bikes is always fun.
    Was a nice bike, had a black Lyrik fork up front.
    How far beyond the initial expected delivery date are you now?
    I'd be telling pace how disappointed you are knowing you could have been riding a Megatower instead this whole time...

  • Today’s update was that the frame is still in China, and will be air-freighted to the UK in five days

  • Does that jeopardise your timing for France?

  • In five (to seven) days (working days) is more likely. Is that arrival date? Or simply "at the airport in China" date?

  • Leaving China in five days, and shipping will take 3-5 days. So we’re looking at it arriving on or around the 7th of August (according to Pace).

    I suspect that it’ll arrive in London as I drive to Folkestone, without it. But we’ll see.

  • I've been trying to think about my riding a little more, recently. Some observations follow, in more or less a stream-of-consciousness format.

    I've mentioned this before I think, but I'm constantly surprised how similar to skiing riding a mountain bike is, it's almost all about weight and edge when cornering, and a big breakthrough for me on the bike mirrors one that I had earlier this year on ski's - the amount of weight I was putting on the front was hopelessly inadequate, and (to compound matters) when I get scared in a tight corner (spying a tree on the exit) I move my weight backwards (shrinking away from danger), which makes the front wash out/in more danger of washing out.

    Things that have helped:

    • Get the saddle out of the way, however much you think you are leaning the bike into a corner is not enough, drop the saddle and really get the bike over onto the edge of the tyre
    • Point your inside knee into the corner (similar to a motorcyclist putting their knee down if that makes sense)
    • Cock your outside elbow (as if you are gesturing for the person behind you to come past) so that you can press straight down through the bar, this was key to getting pressure evenly on both sides of the handlebars, as your inner arm is close to straight but if your outer elbow is not up, it's very hard to weight the external grip enough
    • You're not pumping enough

    That last one leads to the next observation (from a week of heading to the pump track after work), my "coming into interesting terrain" pose is standing on the pedals, elbows and knees bent, weight central and looking down the trail - this is fine, but when you're actually in the interesting terrain (rough trail, turns, jumps and bumps) it's way too high and my knees and elbows were not nearly bent enough to allow the bike to be pushed down into the terrain - pumped downward to gain speed or grip/both.

    What this meant in jumps is that my jump up/pop on the lip was very small - I simply wasn't crouching down enough to make the upward motion large enough, which meant I was then scooping the bike up under me instead of bringing the bike up as I went upward.

    Timing plays a part here as well, I was pumping into the face of a jump, but too early and rising up far too soon, which meant the bike takes off far before the lip.

    Squatting down into the bike more allows you to push the bike down into the trail to gain grip and speed, jump up hard enough to bring the bike with you if you want to clear something, and when not going up or down it brings more weight into the bars to give the front tyre more grip.

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  • And yes, my bike is too short, too steep, too high - but it's still huge fun.

  • The other point I think has helped me on faster loose (non berm) corners is to try and drop the outside pedal. This helps the tyre side knobs engage and prevent washout. As your inside knee comes up, it helps you think about pointing this towards the inside of the turn too.

  • Also, pedal a bit faster, brake a bit less, and avoid contact with tress and the ground

    I might tattoo all that on my arm

  • Then crash while trying to read it

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I have no idea what I'm doing (Dammit’s adventures in mountain biking)

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