I have no idea what I'm doing

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  • I wonder how outgunned by the terrain the Pace will feel when I get to go to Morzine?

    Sure you'll be fine

    What brakes & rotor size will you have?

    Edit - still this?

    XTR M9120 brakes, 4 piston
    180mm rear rotor, 203mm front

  • No, Magura MT7 in the fluro yellow, 203 at each end I think.

  • I have zero experience of alpine riding, but have spent a LOT of time on the internet

    With this expert knowledge, I predict that you'll be fine!

  • Megatower was 160/160 travel, 203mm rotors at either end. I have to say it did feel vaguely comical in some ways- you aimed it, then it ran straight through the terrain whilst you held on. Rather than jumping drainage gullies I just popped the front wheel and the back would thump through with less drama than dropping off a shallow curb on a normal bike. I’ll say it felt a bit remote, but also beat the shit out of my wrists on the braking bumps. I’d have happily traded some big hit ability for taking away the high speed chatter that made it extremely hard to hold the bars by the end of the week.

  • I can echo BareNecessities sentiment. I have a 130mm travel 5010 frame with a 140mm fork. I ride pretty much exclusively in the Tweed Valley in Scotland. Downhill bike at Innerleithen uplift and the 5010 for everything else.
    I've rode the 5010 at Innerleithen, obviously the dh bike helps plough straight through lines but the 5010 feels a bit more fun sometimes. It just forces you to think a bit more rather than the hold on and hope for the best approach on the dh bike.
    I wouldn't think the Pace will feel outgunned in the Alps, it'll just be different...
    If it's going to be your only mtb then the 130mm rear will feel fine for most uk riding and the odd trip to the alps.

    But if it really does feel outgunned then the solution is two bikes... Pace as the all rounder and some sort of 160/170 big rig for the alps and uk bike parks.

  • But if it really does feel outgunned then the solution is two bikes... Pace as the all rounder and some sort of 160/170 big rig for the alps and uk bike parks.

    Good stuff. Keep this thread going!

  • @Dammit I strongly suggest you order a 170mm Santa Cruz frame set before the Pace has even arrived.

    I've recently filled the gap between my 5010 and my dh bike with a Nomad 4! But the line is so blurred between them now its hard to say which one is now pointless

    Pictures of my Nomad4 coming in the ssmtb thread soon btw...

  • Hah! Pace did say that they are going to make an eBike next year which will be similar too the RC295 but with more travel...

  • Ive heard eBike mtbs are dangerous in the wrong hands. Even a flick of the torque before a jump can send you deep into a tree

  • As far as I know most of the modern mountain eBikes are assisted pedalling rather than there being a throttle button that can suddenly propel you forward?

  • That’s the regulation in the UK- no hand throttle, assist only. I was very envious of Howard’s eBike when we went to BPW and I was on a Hightower.

  • Oh, Phil. What have you done

  • What is?

  • Cannondale Moterra. That one is probably below your budget though. There are higher specs

  • Cannondale Moterra

    @Howard why don't you own this?

  • “Moterra” when the portmanteau word is an obvious no-brainer yet HELL NO.

  • Ordered some Rimpact Original, driven by memories of my wrists at the end of a week of Morzine braking bumps. Interested to see if they genuinely do damp out high frequency chatter.

  • I have xc cushcore inserts. They do indeed make the ride smoother.

  • 2021 Scalpel SE is orange.

  • Or grey

  • Or metallic purple


  • Rimpact Original

    I've got some of these, been running like 14 psi front 17 rear. They work for sure. And my rims are ding free. Just need a pair for my 27.5 wheels now.

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I have no idea what I'm doing

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