I have no idea what I'm doing

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  • I'm definitely learning more each day, and I'm only popping out for 20 minutes at lunch time.

    I bought direct from Sender Ramps - I think they may have been clearing out 2019 stock as a) it was something like 20% off RRP and b) the 2020 one has some design improvements.

    Delivery was a couple of days, but I'd not bank on that being the case in the current climate.

    I'm also getting pretty good at jumping off the bike backwards, which can't be a bad skill to develop but wasn't one I'd anticipated.

  • Good form. Try breathe out and push forward with legs once you pull up to the sweet spot. It's how I was taught on BMX.

  • Can we get this as a live stream please?

  • Don't I have to have a list of things I'd like you to buy me before I set that up?

  • I watched a bunch of "how to manual" videos on YouTube yesterday, what interested me is that MTB vids all advised feathering the rear brake to trim your position - which strikes me as in some way cheating. The BMX vids (who didn't have rear, or indeed any, brakes) of course just use balance.

    The other thing I noticed was that the MTB manual machine vids all had the chain on, so were largely using pressure on the chain and the rear brake (to a greater or lesser degree) to stay upright.

  • Isn't there a BMX hiding somewhere in that garage?

  • Isn't there a BMX hiding somewhere in that garage?

    It's in Matt's garage, I need to get it back.

  • It'll be far too big for him anyway

  • Not that Matt, a larger one.

  • Finding it tricky to control the front rising, as it comes up I move forwards and have my groin against the stem, but it's still looping out - I can't get any further forward so I'm at a bit of a loss as to how to tackle this.

  • Finding it tricky to control the front rising

    At your age?! Etc.

  • Looks like you tend to lean back a bit to get your hips as far forward whilst keeping your arms straight which is maybe pulling you back a bit.
    Perhaps loosen up the arms, using mainly the legs for balance but letting yourself get your weight forward if necessary. Of course when rolling you could touch the brake.

    Disclaimer: I can’t manual very far

  • I know this sounds silly but looking at the video, you're bringing the bars to your crotch, not the other way around. By doing that you're still pulling up on the bars which is causing you to loop out. The aim isn't to connect your crotch to the stem regardless of method.

  • I find you get a lot less flat ground manualing in MTB videos, BMX videos are really good for seeing rider body movement on long manuals.

    Doesn't have to be how tos, just videos with pros in

  • Uploading a couple of minutes from today, for your viewing pleasure. Lets see how fast my frankly pathetic ADSL line can upload 200 MB of video.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kSiE4Uk­MBU

    That's what 0.7Mbps upload gets you.

  • Just paid for the RC295 to have a full Invisiframe kit applied when it arrives.

    The longer it takes the more bits and bobs I buy for it. This is moderately dangerous.

  • Invisiframe is always a sound investment.

  • Invisiframe

    Phil will really appreciate that it's been looked after

  • you don't manual with your arms, you push with your legs.

    you need to throw your weight back a bit to get the front end up but you're not pulling the bars up to your crotch. pull up by throwing your weight back and push forward with your legs by straightening them - that'll bring your bum and weight back and straighten your arms at the same time so you're all off the back of the bike

    video looks like you're going the right way though

  • Another day, another 20 minutes. I think I might put a chain on it tomorrow and try some rolling manual action, really to have a bit of variation from riding a bike in the garage.

    I tried using the rear brake a little today, it does stop the loop-out which is my biggest problem, but it also feels like cheating.

    Tried keeping my weight as low as I could without being unable to move my hips forward due to cock/saddle interface issues, which I think helped in some ways. Managed to achieve three Flashhearts before loop-out.

  • Better condition means more expensive :(

  • Ah well, maybe Yodel will deliver it...

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I have no idea what I'm doing

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