I have no idea what I'm doing

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  • I think Hunt have sorted their sealing issues, I've got a pair of the trail wide wheels, and there isn't a speck of muck beyond the seals.

  • If you were just hitting the bike park every weekend, I'd say the Hopes

    Hope hubs aren't excessively heavy though, so those rims must be super chonky

  • Which wheels would @PhilDAS prefer to buy off you later on?

  • Ah, I didn't know there had been issues with the seals! I just meant after x amount of riding and it was time to change the bearings.

  • Purple hopes are a winner for me

  • Buy hope hubs on their own and lace them to different rims?
    If only someone you knew had access to trade pricing.

  • You think just go straight to Enve on Chris King? Bit ostentatious, possibly.

  • No, not after reading that.

  • Hope hubs, cx-ray spokes and (alu) rim of choice to suit tyre choice. Can't go wrong. A bit of extra weight isn't always a bad thing with mtb wheels.

    Although those Industry 9 hubs look an interesting option, I just don't have any experience of them, unlike the many years of faultless reliable hard use I've had from various sets of hopes.

  • Yeah just get the hopes but make sure the hubs are coming from the same batch as the H/S so that the colours match :)

  • I'd end up with a pair of uranium rims which would go in the bin, can't bring myself to do it.

  • Get the lighter wheels, and have a bike you're happy riding

    Then, when you know if you like the bike, get these


  • Or, you know, something sensible and boring

  • In answer to previous weight questions, the rims on the hopes are 720g each so not featherweight. Wheelset is 2435g and is designed for enduro/DH
    This is according to their website

  • Hmm, considering a 30mm wide DT Swiss EX511 rim is 570g and strong enough for enduro racing, 720g seems unnecessarily chonky for this bike

  • Some nice new purple pro4 hubs would only total £150 if I ask nicely.

    Edit: plus vat so actually £175 or so

  • I think Hunt are using Kinlin TL-29 on their Trail Wide 30 wheels if you wanted to go the hope hub route. I’d steer well clear of the Hope rims heavy and not very reliable if you go by the user reports on STW.

    If you’re after carbon rims then check out We Are One

  • Inching closer, XL frames not delivered until Feb anyway.

  • Bike ordered, much excite.

  • Interested to know if this will compliment or replace the Scalpel

  • Keeping the Scalpel, I think they're different bikes - but of course I'll find that out over the next few months.

  • At work, I was tasked to rebuild a Santa Cruz Tallboy CC 3, which is an awesome bike.

    The customer order this Santa Cruz Reserve wheels with DT Swiss, and it's insane, Like holy shit, it fucking light at 1751g for 27.5.

  • fucking light at 1751g for 27.5.

    meh, my flyweight LB on Bitex rear and SON front are 1200g

  • 1751g for 27.5

    Like anyone uses that size wheel anymore

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I have no idea what I'm doing

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