• I rode the South Downs Way the other day, it was the first time I've ridden off-road in 20 years on a mountain bike, maybe 25 thinking about it. I've ridden (and occasionally raced) cross, but it's quite a different type of bike.

    30 years ago I knew a lot about MTB's - I've found that this knowledge is significantly out of date in the modern day.

    So - I'd like an MTB, but really have no idea what I should get.

    I keep coming back to this, as I recognise the name from the early 90's: https://www.evanscycles.com/specialized-­stumpjumper-fsr-comp-29-2018-mountain-bi­ke-EV306317

    Is it shit? I don't know.

  • Is it shit?

    Right in the feels

  • Assuming it's in good order, it has a better fork than the one from Evans. The tyres are a bit beefy for all-round use, and you'll probably have to factor in a fork & shock ( and possibly seatpost ) service.

    @Howard will disapprove, although the seller being called 'mighty_badger' must be a good omen.

  • One thing to consider is the reach on a 2015 is a fair bit shorter than the 2017/2018 models, so a large size might feel rather cramped.

  • 130mm stem, done.

  • Back to the 1990s with you >>>>>>

    These days, it's all about really long toptubes, and micro-choad stems

  • Long and slack is what you want, apparently.

  • Be wary of the 2015 Specialized rear shock. And have a look at current ones.

    It is a Fox unit with propritary lower mount. The standard is a DU bushed hole with bolt through it and spacers. Spesh mounted the linkage directly to the shaft instead meaning you can't just do a shock swap with a standard fitting shock of the correct i-2-i length.

    Have had older FSR's i would have another depending on how many "new" fittings standards all the parts have for aftermarket replacement.

  • If the price were equal, would the new bike be the one to go for between the two?

  • Yes, though I'd still consider the Camber too, as a 150mm travel 29er is a lot of bike, which might be more than you need for most things.

  • Camber?

  • Camber

    120mm travel 29er. Basically what the Stumpjumper was a few years ago.


  • It really depends on what you intend to ride...

    Do you want 27.5 or 29 wheels?

    Do you want a hardtail or full suspension?

    Do you want a dropper post? (You do.)

    How burly do you want to get with your descending and how painless do you want your ascending to be?

    All that being said if you're leaning towards a Stumpjumper I'd recommend you have a look at YT Industries Jeffsy models. They're infinitely better specced than almost any of their competitors bikes for the price.

  • YT Industries Jeffsy

    Good call! That's a really well specced bike for £2k

  • “Do you want 27.5 or 29 wheels?

    Do you want a hardtail or full suspension?”

    No idea

  • Spec is light years ahead of what the big name brands are putting out for the same money! Same goes for any of the online retailers really; Canyon, Rose, Commencal etc.

    The Jeffsy does get amazing reviews though and to be honest if it climbs as much better than my 180mm Capra as it should on paper, Hardtails Are Dead.

  • Knowing the type of bikes you normally go for, I can't help think that a slightly racier 29er ( full sus or hardtail ) would cover what you've mentioned so far. Certainly SDW type terrain.

  • What sort of riding do you want to do in terms of time spent climbing vs time spent descending? Do you think you'd want to do some bike park days? Would you like to ride any downhill trails/ freeride stuff?

    For the most part the likes of a Jeffsy will be all the bike you'll need in terms of suspension travel. Modern suspension geometry is so good that 140mm will soak up almost anything if you're a decent rider with the exception of the very burly freeride/ downhill stuff.

    For wheel size it largely comes down to the following stereotyped description. 27.5 wheels are more playful. 29 wheels are faster.

  • Hardtails Are Dead.

    Yep, who needs suspension forks ;-)

  • MTBs are like all other bikes really. You buy one, then realise you actually need something different, so buy another one.

  • Essentially this, there are loads more parts to need to upgrade and far greater variables in usage though... It's a slippery slope.

    Edit: Don't faff about and buy one of these setup as in this review.

  • @Dammit if you got on well with the Marin Rift Zone, which is a 120mm travel 29er with 67.5 degree head angle, then go for something not too far off that.

    Unless you're racing XC, then having a little more travel is probably better than not having quite enough.

  • Wow, I've disagreed with myself already.

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