• Cheers! I can definitely recommend the short stem + riser bar combo. It feels a lot more playful than the oldschool long stem & flatbar combo.

  • I’ve accumulated some oddball bits and pieces recently. First off, a pair of Campagnolo SGR Pedals. Bought them locally for 25€. The seller told me he found them in a ‘free giveaway’ box on his way to the super market. These are the missing piece of the puzzle to complete the 91 record groupset on the Serotta.

    1 Attachment

    • 5A25C551-1C8D-4368-9B6A-1E846617EFB6.jpeg
  • And I’ve also accumulated various Mavic parts to put on a fillet brazed 653 frame.

    • 851 Rear Mech
    • 862 Front Mech
    • Mavic Cosmics
    • Simplex SLJ shifters
    • Modolo Brake Levers identical in construction to the ‘Mavic’ 440 Aero Levers
    • Sachs New Success Brakes, also identical to the Mavic 440 brakes except for the branding.
    • Some original Mavic Stickers

    Not visible in the photos:

    • Mavic 631 Cranks
    • Mavic 351 Bars
    • Mavic 365 Stem

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    • 055329E3-44EA-4F06-A783-EAA94A608A70.jpeg
    • C1A81289-2126-4AAA-9E6D-690EE938ADD1.jpeg
  • As for the saddle/bartape combo I’m torn between a Turbo Matic Saddle & Yellow Benotto Tape or a white turbo special saddle with white synthetic bartape to match the hoods.

  • Started working on the french 653 frame. Unfortunately the NDS shimano 600 crank was badly stuck on the dura ace JIS low profile taper. After stripping the threads and trying to hammer it off, I had to use a saw to cut it off. Gave the frame some treatment with paint cleaner and sealed it afterwards. The broggio enamel paintjob is just stunning and goes really well with the fillet brazed construction. I did a quick mockup with the Mavic parts and took some photos. While it almost looks like a bike, it’ll take a while to get it finished as I need to source a suitable iso tapered Mavic BB which requires the BB shell to be chamfered.

    2 Attachments

    • C69DC212-1CF8-43D9-8657-DF1DA4151F03.jpeg
    • 71A603E0-C1BA-438B-8B0D-8CBCBC89D96B.jpeg
  • Some more pics of that paintjob

    5 Attachments

    • E214819D-E9A9-409F-BD80-55146D8A41CD.jpeg
    • 11C0DBCF-7927-44D6-85F6-5EED9B7B0337.jpeg
    • D452EDDF-F0E3-4C1F-B4B6-9161A4BFFEFE.jpeg
    • ADF86537-ACA7-4833-AC16-2CE2319A7B28.jpeg
    • 4A8075B6-06A6-4217-A570-B7ED79FD33C7.jpeg
  • I still don’t know who the frame builder is. I don‘t think it‘s a paris-tours cause they all seem to have the fillet brazed seattube bolt integrated into the seatstays. The seatstay caps and the quill post are similar to mecacycle frames but afaik those weren‘t painted by broggio. Other options might be gillen, caceg, rebiai, souchet or some other ile-de-france based frame builder. If anyone recognizes the headtube badge, I’d appreciate your input. I also found a note stuck in the seatpost with the frame number and the name P.T. Louis - could be the customer or the frame builder(?)... who knows.

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    • 451BF389-F9CA-4DE4-91A3-BBF1B98E2266.jpeg
  • Reminds me of those unique Maxi Sport frames, especially the paint job, but the fillet braze and seat cluster as well. Gaston might know more, but he's impossible to @ with his crazy username font. @Vaast?

  • True, the light blue is somewhat similar. In fact, I‘m a big fan of those maxi sports bikes and the proud owner of a cyfac-built max track bike:

    Afaik the maxi sports frames were painted by vedett though, not broggio. I was planning to post the bike on PF but I couldn‘t get myself to write a post yet since my french is a little rusty...

  • Didier Louis ?
    Jamel Rebiai ?
    LG Dujardin ?
    Eloi ?
    Pellieux ?
    Preuss ?
    Sablière ?
    Paris-Tours ?
    JP Levacon ?

  • D Guédon ?
    Cocart ?
    Roger Roche ?

  • Thanks for the list! Didier Louis seems like a good call. It would explain the „didier“ on the toptube (which also might have been the rider name) and the „louis“ on the note in the seattube. I also found another DL with the same paintjob:

    The headtube badge would be more in line with LG Dujardin. But who knows, at the end of the day it doesn‘t really matter :)

  • Incredible frame & paint job!

  • Cheers! I‘m very happy I finally added a Broggio painted frame to the collection. I‘ve been lusting after one ever since @Tychom built his 7700 equipped bi-tube:

    Yesterday I received the Mavic 610 Bottom Bracket after it was lost in the mail for over a month. Didn‘t expect it to show up again tbh. As for the bar tape I‘m leaning towards yellow benotto tape. This white/blue benotto might be a cool look as well though:

    2 Attachments

    • E2D53BAD-CB4D-4E96-960E-74CC9A14E2C5.jpeg
    • 7D3894FF-5F39-484E-8223-175957BBA8D8.jpeg
  • The LG logo is curious as it's basically the same Didier Louis DL font often used, as seen over here: https://encycloduvelo.fr/louis-didier/ And you can see also the same France/tricolor in that link on the TT rear wheel.

  • Thanks, that‘s interesting. If it wasn‘t for the paintjob, I‘d say the frame has all of the details of a mecacycle frame. The seatstay caps, quill seatpost, thick fillets and the characteristic arrow shaped ends of the stays around the dropouts all point in that direction. I checked MK90s thread on PF and from what I can see, this details can be seen on all of his Mecacycles.I haven‘t seen it on any DL bikes on the other hand. So I guess it could be a repainted Mecacycle...

  • Check the similarities:

    1 Attachment

    • 4A739C31-EDB3-43EE-941E-5DFC9BAE17BF.jpeg
  • BB Lug seems to be the same as well:

  • Goal !

  • I can live with that :)

  • Well done 👏👏👏

  • Cheers, t’was quite the scavenger hunt :)

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Arlecchino's consolidated CP Thread: mostly steel & outdated.

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