• Afaik the early ones were made in switzerland in the late 80s. They later moved production to Germany to keep up with the increased demand. In 1995 they were bought up by DT swiss. Here’s a little sound check:

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  • Lovely! I've always wanted one of these. Maybe someday...

  • Cheers! They do come up occassionally on ebay kleinanzeigen, which should be in reach now that you moved to the netherlands ;)

  • Cheers, will keep an eye on it! Long term lookout haha.

  • Finished my little Folder Project. It’s basically a Dahon boardwalk, which was sold under the ‘Hon’ label by a german department store. The bike was pretty much unused but the parts it came with didn’t spark any joy so all that’s left original is the frame, wheels, grip shift and seatpost. Except for the new steering column and rear derailleur, all parts that went on the bike had been sitting in the parts bin so I managed to put it all together for under 150€. New parts are:

    • cartridge BB
    • Shimano 600 Cranks with a 52t N/W chainring
    • CNC pedals
    • Tange Levin Headset
    • New 6 Speed Freewheel & Chain
    • Tiagra 9 Speed Derailleur with 8 speed pulley wheels
    • Tektro V Brakes & Levers with New Pads
    • Chinese Steering Column
    • Leather Saddle
    • DIY Mud-Flap
    • DIY Seatpost extension limiter made from a shifter cable.

    I’m really impressed how capable this thing is. It rides pretty much like a normal bike which is probably the highest praise for a folder I guess. Last year I rode a friend’s vintage Mifa folder and it felt horrible - like a kid’s bike and with constant pedal strikes.
    Excuse the poor photos, I’ll take some better ones when the sun is out - the paint has a nice flip effect between green and purple/blue-ish.

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    • 63B275B3-5705-4AF1-A8FE-B62429EA4EC5.jpeg
  • I have a Hügi front hub on my Ritchey MTB. Bought it back in 1997, used it for years and today it still spins like new. The rear ones make a hell of a noise. ;-)

  • I only have the rear hub. For some reason, the former owner opted for a mavic hub in the front - which is also very smooth despite its age.

  • Bit of a dredge but this one is awesome.... what's the seatpost?

  • As is this!

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    • evh2-1-e1603346857569.jpg
  • Cheers! It’s a selcof branded kalloy:

  • Nice one, thanks... amazing what a bit of subtle rebranding can do for a seatpost

  • As a true rock‘n‘roller, Van isn‘t afraid to get dirty:

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    • 38B62D52-BE34-44BD-8268-F77F7D7A28D5.jpeg
  • Really liking that. Great proportions.

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Arlecchino's consolidated CP Thread: mostly steel & outdated.

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