• Riding my sweet fixeh for the first time this year and I almost forgot how much fun this thing is. Maybe I should take it to Berlin and drill or swap the forks to install a brake...

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  • Finally finished the Giant with a higher rise stem and slightly less sweeped bars.

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  • Very nice indeed. Like the third flap! Lots of great details.

  • So good! Love how the Giant turned out and the funky Pinarello!

  • Cheers guys! I actually sold the pinarello because it was just too small for me. Took a while to admit it but it is for the best. The short 1 inch headtube wasn‘t exactly state of the art. I replaced it with a cheap and cheerful kona lava dome set up as a single speed which is definitely more fun to ride :)

  • Love your bikes, espesh the M300 with this silk matte paint

    (Thread title‘s a lie though)

  • That Giant's really sublime, you must be thrilled riding it. Any tours planned?

  • That has turned out really well.
    Good job!

  • How is the frame bag attached to the top tube without fouling the brake/gear cables?

  • @e54 Thanks! The appreciation is mutual, your dales are great as well ;) and yes, maybe I should adapt the thread title.
    @damskodonny bedankt! I don‘t have anything specific planned yet, but it well get used on some weekend camping trips around Berlin.
    @MisterMikkel glad you approve of it :)
    @ectoplasmosis I could have used some liners for a cleaner look. But it works well as it is. The key is to keep the cables in between the two layers of velcro strap and not under or over it. The cables move freely and the movement of the bag (of which there is basically none) has no impact on the cables so that it could foul the rear brake and rear derailleur, respectively.

  • As a side note.. how are you finding the tyres?
    I have a set of table tops, and they are really noisy on anything other than dirt, but these look like a less aggresive design.

  • Thanks! Would you mind taking a close-up snap of the top tube frame bag attachments?

    I’d resigned myself to bag-less lyf due to top tube cable routing...

  • Took a quick video:
    P.s. you could also cover the exposed parts of the cable with some inner liner or even a piece of outer couble housing to minimize friction.

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  • I also have the old table tops and the billy bonkers are a little more quiet and faster. They are still more noisy than proper slicks, on some grounds they sound kind of like an electric motor. I quite like them because they‘re very grippy in corners and very pleasant to ride over sandy roads which are very common around berlin. They‘re also pretty light. I haven‘t had any punctures yet but I have my doubts that they‘re a super durable touring tyre. If I were to use it for a longer tour, I‘d probably go for something more solid and better puncture protection.

  • They sound like a nice update - I am pretty pleased with the table tops, but they are SO noisy, but nice and light compared to the Big Apples I run in the winter.
    I'd like to try the new Marathon Almotion, which look like a fast rolling and lightweight version of Big Bens.

  • The almotion looks like a really nice touring option. There‘s two versions of the billy bonkers, the performance addix compound version and a cheap version with wire beads. I treated myself to the former but the latter is/was available for 13€ here. I still like the table tops but I have moved them onto my more (light) off-road focused neo retro 26er since they‘re indeed a bit loud on tarmac.
    P.s. keep in mind that I peeled off the billy bonkers logos which was quite a pita. But I really didn‘t like the shouty look and would say that it was worth the effort from an aesthetic pov.

  • Pretty sure my TTs are wired bead. Generally for my riding, I can get away with slicks for the most part.

    I agree that you've improved the looks immensely by peeling of the logos.
    I do appreciate the slight muscle car look, that the logos have on my black side wall TTs have.

  • In the city, I definitely prefer the slicks but they‘re not great for sand so the tt and billy bonkers are a better compromise for longer rides beyond the city limits. Same for me with the logos on the black tyres, I don‘t mind them at all. When I bought the billy bonkers, I didn‘t even plan on getring rid of the logos but when I put the tyres on the bike, I hated the looks to the point where I regretted buying them in the first place :D

  • The Giant in its final form. I’m quite happy with how it turned out :)

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  • Cheers! The freehub is starting to make some weird sounds though but that‘s okay since the hubs were some lower quality stx 7 speed ones from another bike and I already have an 8 speed shifter on the bike. Basically a welcome justification to build up some 8 speed/ dyno hub wheels.

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Arlecchino's consolidated CP Thread: mostly steel & outdated.

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