• Another retro MTB conversion in the making. This one‘s for my girlfriend‘s sister.

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  • I also trimmed the knobbies on the Pinarello to find a better balance between grip and drag. Vaguely inspired by the continental speed king threads, I cut down the middle knobs quite drastically, trimmed the knobs towards the outside and left the ones at the edge fully intact. I quite like how it feels now: the drag on tarmac is reduced significantly while there’s still plenty of cornering cornering grip on lose grounds.

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  • It's a funny looking experiment. 😉

  • Hehe, I know, it’s not exactly a crowd pleaser. But it’s quite fun to ride and I got other more serious bikes :)

  • You could run nitto albatross' upside down?
    They are 55 cm wide and I find they mimick the feeling of the tops of drops very well. Also takes bar-ends. You might have to shim the brake levers though.

  • Thanks for the advice! They look like a suitable option. Unfortunately they’re no longer available in 25.4 diameter at planetx. I’ll see if I can source a pair elsewhere...

  • Yeah, that's a shame.. You probably won't find them as cheap anywhere else.
    I tried to find them at SJS, as that is where I bought mine, but couldn't finde them.

  • Thanks for checking! Maybe I’ll post a wanted ad on here. Alternatively, I’ll buy some ergotec nsu bars - they seem to have a similar shape. As for the bar end shifters, I could attach them in the middle of the bars with some diy mounts made of the chopped ends of the drop bar.

  • They doo look remarkably similar, although the bend looks to be sharper on the NSU and not a curve like the Albatross.
    I have enjoyed riding my albatross bars with thumbshifters immensely. I had them setup "wrong"/rivendell way round underneath the bars.
    Like so:

  • Good to know, the middle-mounts also prevent interference issues with the knees and the bar end shifters. Given that the top tube is very short, this might be an issue.
    As for the bar choice, I found a pair of Litech moustache bars and will pick them up next monday. According to the description, they’re 22,2mm diameter so they should work with road levers and the bar ends might fit as well.

  • It is certainly a very handsome handlebar!
    I hope it works out well for you.

  • Cantilever upgrade & some jewelry for the Cannondale:

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  • After solving the seatpost dilemma (more here)on the Giant Chaos, I rebuilt it as a budget adventure bike. I’m quite happy with the result so far, some highlights include:

    • the bodge seatpost solution
    • gel flite recovered with a 1€ piece of leather
    • rather powerful canti setup (last gen xt canti levers, DX brakes, eagle koolstop pads, compressionless cables and inner liners around the tight bends of the cable hangers)
    • insanely grippy 2.1 inch schwalbe billy bonkers tyres. I partially destickered them because they were a little too shouty for my taste.

    Full build comes in at slightly under 12kg with pedals and the rack - it feels rather lively and not as tractor like as one might expect. I’m currently waiting for mudguards which will be modified with diy flaps.

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  • Giant looks fantastic. What guards?

  • Thanks! You’ll probably be disappointed: some boring black sks ones :( If the bike is a keeper, I might treat it to some GBs and a dynamo hub in the future.

  • Inspiration for a build I should hurry up and get on with

  • I can highly recommend it! I threw on some bags and I can’f wait to take this thing on a weekend camping trip. That’ll have to wait though since I’ll be out of town for the next two weeks.

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  • Looks fantastic! 1x8?

  • That thing has really come together!
    Would love to see it with GB guards - and looks like you have the space for a MASSIVE saddlebag as well.

  • Yap, I have a saddle bag to go on as well :) to be honest, I already kind of regret opting for the cheap guards. Meh, anyway.

  • 8 speed shifters but the Casette is 7 speed 11-30. The steps are rather large but the ratio works well for me since I prefer to spin and there aren’r really any major hills in the area. If I’ll take it on a longer tour, I’d throw on a 22t bailout inner ring or a full triple.

  • I have 60mm SKS bluemels on my 26" bike as well.. They really are faultless in everything but style points and length.
    You might consider some flaps if you're going to ride in the rain regularly.

  • Flap mode is already engaged :)

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  • Super cool, proper functional beast!

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