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  • As I am sure you all unaware the Cathedral town of Felpersham has a had a lot of bad publicity in recent months due to drug incidents in nightclubs. Anyway despite listening to the radio a lot there doesn’t seem to be much information about which nightclubs! Anyone know the names of any of these clubs? I really need to know..

  • Nobody? There must be some secret gammon on here who know.

  • Maybe try the middle aged thread.

  • Don't get out of Penny Hassett (not a euph) much nowadays, sorry.

  • As if the scriptwriters or editors know the names of any nightclubs.

  • Ok well that’s disappointing. In Eastenders there are bogus beer brands and everything. Now I’m satisfied there is no dark Archers sub-forum and also no invented names does anyone have any reallife experience of semi-rural nightclubs. There’s a defunct nightclub under a car park in Gloucester called CRACKERS.

  • Places like HOLLYWOODS in Romford are no good I need a rural Cathedral vibe.

  • The first rule of the dark Archers sub-forum ...

  • Tell me the password

    Is it G@MMON_PINE@pple?

  • Wouldn't it be more like W@lter G@briel?

  • You obviously know what you're talking about.
    Ok so it's a real shame that Jazzer can't get over Fallon isn't it?
    Can you let me into dark sub-forum now pls?

  • I miss HOLLYWOODS. It's shit flats now.

  • Me too. A bit. Also OSCARS on the end of clacton pier.

  • Any night club on the end of a pier is generally extremely classy, I can remember entering the one in Portsmouth - no memory of ever leaving though.

  • @MrSweary I used to prefer TICOS over the road

  • oof. classic.

    Loved it when they went to an all you can drink model because they were losing punters. Dukes, while still absolutely terrible, at least attempted to portray an image of exclusivity compared to Zeus's fucking terrible image.

    Top of the pile will always be that narrow bar opposite Romford station entrance, I can't for the life of me remember the name of it, next to The Goose, it's got a new name now, same punters. I remember being in The Goose, about 5 van loads of coppers burst in to do a surprise raid. Everyone looks at them, cue lots of radio chatter and shouting, they've got the wrong pub! Meanwhile everyone next door has realised the fuck up and tooled it off down the road.

  • Henry's, Burnham Beeches.

  • Jazzer? Fallon?
    I haven't listened since David pushed Nigel off the roof of Lower Loxley.

  • Wow, I thought he slipped! There has been a lot of drug dealing lately which within the context of the normal storylines is pretty funny.

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  • Ambridge is awash with pingers this week. Borsetshire summer of love.

  • Woah, Dukes and Zeus. What were those car stickers back in the day ‘I’ve had the Dukes experience’ or something? Ah, student apprentice days!

  • I thought the Dukes experience involved a bouncers footprint on your face? That was in the days when the Rendevous was still on the front before it became Dukes Genesis with the bad sci-fi logo.

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