Hoke's Brompton (Good things comes in small packages)

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  • Here we go again, another hoke thread but this time round I'll try to be more sensible and thorough on my decision on tweaking/upgrades bits and bobs than for the sake of looking fast and hipster points.

    So as some of you guys know I had the heavy heart of selling my everyday 'beater' all-city NBD to generate some fund and more importantly to downsize to something more functional and practical at home and at the office.

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  • Background story:
    I don't know if it is a cliché of being an Architect or that I've hit my 30's but the idea of owning a sensible and practical Brompton has been definitely been on my mind for a while, more the everyday practical use and the idea of bringing it into a place and no worry about locking my bike outside in the cold/wet sound very appealing. If there is a definition of’1 /3 life crises’ this would be part of it.

    Obviously the question is why now? Brompton's have been around for ages, why didn't you get one then? And the answer is pretty simple for a designer, I didn't like the colours or looks of them back then (this is way before the huge amount interest of frame makers/painters we have today).

    The first Brompton that I really fell in love with must have been the recent 'Amsterdam edition' purely because of that amazing paintjob. Which I guess started the itch of finally acknowledging I want one in my life. However, this was only in Amsterdam and therefore I couldn't get on the cycle to work scheme.

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  • I had in the meantime did try to play with the custom option on the Brompton website to see what is out there and understand each version they had and what would suit me in the long run. But every time I got to the colour section I couldn't find a Brompton that actually puts a massive smile on my face and for me that the most important thing, the look, or in my case the 'wow factor'.

    Which leads me perfectly to what I brought is David Millers collaboration with Brompton, The CHPT 3.

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  • I do understand people's reservation about DM and that this Brompton is overpriced for what it is and that if you strip away the paintjob on the frame, tyres and saddle it’s basically a standard off the shelf bike. But for this exact same reason is why I eventually put my money were my mouth is decided to take the leaf of faith and become a Brompton owner. (Plus with the cycle to work scheme I am saving almost £400 from the RRP).

    This CP thread isn’t to take away the attention of the Brompton thread; (far from it as that’s probably one of the favourite threads on the forum) I am starting this thread purely for two reasons:

    1) To understand the bike more clearly and things I should and shouldn’t do as I am pretty a Brompton amateur when it comes to these bikes and even though there isn’t much to tinker on this bike (he says that now) I do like to hear from the wise forum members on their opinion (and occasional banter).

    2) To make the bike lighter without sacrificing too much of its everyday practicality. The current weight from the internet is around 9.74kg. The aim is to get it down to sub 8kg, maybe even lower.

    I know this will probably be an expensive project granted as I have been constantly reminded in the Brompton and other people’s thread of pound to weight ratio is pretty laughable for a Brompton, and as I am older (and I hope wiser) I rather spend my hard earn cash wisely as I stated at the beginning of the thread to improve certain aspect of the Brompton that would help me for my everyday workhorse.

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  • So this is the BS that is written on most website regarding this bike and its spec:

    The Brompton S2E features Brompton's S type handlebar, the S Type is Brompton's Sleekest and most aero handlebar. A 2 Speed BSR Hub, the Brompton Standard Range hub is an updated version of the original Sturmey Archer hub used on their first bikes. Brompton's are as simple and user friendly as they come using their patented folding mechanism, no folding bike can fold as fast and as compact as a Brompton can.
    2 years ago, Will Butler Adams met ex-pro cyclist David Millar at a dinner. On finding out that David only ever cycled when he was out training or racing and rarely used a bike for simply getting around the city, Will insisted that he borrow a Brompton to try out, and more importantly join in the Brompton World Championship. After initially being a little sceptical about taking part in the race, David was persuaded by the idea that the Brompton design team could knock up a ‘race ready’ spec and even colour it in the 2 colours of the brand David had just started to put together, CHPT3. David was then hooked, not only for using a Brompton to get around town (his being Girona, Spain), but also for taking along to the Tour De France for him and co-commentator Ned Boulting to buzz around on at stage starts and finishes.

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  • Most likely been said over and over but this is amaze :)

  • I basically collect the new gal on Wednesday and in the meantime I decided to get replace the standard pedals and even though DM says getting rid of the mudguards saves weight, I refuse to believe that and I decided to add some back on instead (black with titanium mounts) for its everyday purpose, and as for the pedals I just prefer cycling to be clipped in that flat pedals, it's just a personal preference tbh.

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  • Ta! The challenge now is to keep it looking this good with making this bike go straight into anti-porn.

  • The next item I think I would like to change/keep is the tyres. Even though I've been reading about how kojaks are terrible for riding everyday for commuting I love how they roll and runs so effortless to and from work for now.

    But I am not kidding myself as I know this won't last forever and from what I heard changing a tyre on a bromtpon can be quite time consuming. Plus I don't want to was these beautiful gum wall tyres on the everyday commute. So the idea is to replace these kojak with another pair of kojak but with a protected layer/strip inside the tyre. This I hope wont ruin the rolling resistant or add too much weight back onto the bike.

  • Brakes and cables seems to be a very sensible area to invest in for performance and weight savings. I have been told compressionless cables are the way forward., especially for a Brompton?

    Also it is me or have anyone brought a new Brompton find their brake pads a little non responsive? I know this is coming from someone who has been fortunate to ride disc brakes but when I am riding the Brompton it feels like I am riding on carbon rims than on aluminium ones as I feel it takes quite some time to switch them on.

  • I'd like to see this with hub Dynamo and lights but not sure how that would work with all the folding shit. What's the front fork spacing? Keep the guards! Look forward to seeing what you do with this.

  • I have dynamo on my brompton, SON obvs. 100% worth it.

  • Not sure I've seen you on yours or even seen a pic of it. Where can I find a pic of it?

  • No pic yet :( it's a black s6l

  • Subbed so I can learn from your mistakes for when my Brompton life comes around

  • If this doesn’t have EE brakes and China carbon wheels I’ll be sorely disappointed

  • Unlike @amey even though I like the idea and convivence of the dynamo hub, I really don't like the where it is mounted as I find them a little too low down on the ground and I believe drivers will have a better visibility acknowledgement of yourself if the lights higher up (granted this is my own experience)

    For now I will mount my lights at the bars and saddle rear mounts.

  • Electric?

  • At least this one won't crack...

  • From memory and looking on the spec, I don't think the arms on the EE brakes can fit on a Brompton.

    Did look at carbon wheels rims for the Brompton on ebay but I think they not as wide as the velocity aeroheat. In the meantime I will use and abuse these wheels to the max before I can justify replacing them so something more bling...

  • Also apologies for the crap photos as my mate has borrowed my mirrorless camera and therefore phone pictures will have do to for now...

  • The Brompton I had on long-term loan had a titanium seatpost, which seemed considerably lighter than the standard post.

  • Brompton life

    Country Life publication for cyclercommuters? Can see that working...

  • Yeah been playing with that idea, well carbon at first but from what I’ve been told that apparently a bad idea due to the amount of usage and stress you put on the seatpost carbon is probably not the way forward (to my disappointment)

  • Deep rim would look bangin

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Hoke's Brompton (Good things comes in small packages)

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