Tor's bike life - Woodrup, Aurelius, Charge, BTwin & Planet X

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  • That is seriously nice

  • Great build! Would love to do something similar for myself

  • @Hazzles @Dexter Thanks! We're really pleased with how it came out.

  • Agreed, this is lovely. Thinking of doing something similar for my partner (she loves Marco Pantani so thought this was cool!).

    What does it weigh out of interest? Not that it is the biggest concern with something like this of course.

  • Ha, yes! Sounds like a great idea. It comes in at about eight & a half kilos, which I don't think is bad at all really considering that we didn't give much (any) thought to weight. Could easily drop a bit of weight with the forks/cranks/stem, but it's not really necessary for most part.

  • Was feeling generous & put the cranks from my CX bike on the Woodrup, figured it'd be nice to have matching groupset. Also new big chainring as the shifting ramps were shot on the old one. Was hoping the new seatpost (Nitto S65)/QR skewers (PX titanium ones) would arrive on Friday, but they didn't (hopefully can put on tonight).

    First proper ride at the weekend! @Tor & I did a very hilly hundred mile loop over to Manchester from Leeds (two days of fifty miles) for a BBQ/home made ice cream with my parents & to take advantage of the quiet roads with the footy on. Reviews are very positive!

    Picture from the top of Mount Tarbor, ascended via Halifax Lane.

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  • The build looks ace. What’s size are the tyres? Look nice and rounded!

  • Cheers! They're 28mm Strada LGGs. I reckon a 23 or 25mm black tyre would look better though as it's a rather small, relatively classic frame.

  • Lightweight touring on this in the Yorkshire Wolds last week went well! My bad for cutting the steerer too short & it coming a little loose, but a CycleLane in Pocklington sorted us out kindly.

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  • While I'm lucky enough to be WFH throughout all this, Tor still has to ride into the office/shop for her jobs, so lent her the wheels from my Ritchey with knobbly tyres on to get through the snow. One of the perks being that riding in the snow really cleans tyres, were very muddy before!

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  • Realised we have enough spare parts lying around to build up a horrendous singlespeed with an old road frame. Unfortunately most of that spare bit is in peak fashion fixie colours.

    My girlfriend & I have a deal that either of us isn't allowed a new bike until the other gets one. We currently both have four each. It does somewhat incentivise building awful bikes if it frees up some room for me, ha.

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  • It's quite sinful, but as an entirely parts bin build, it certainly could be worse. Needs bigger chainring but all my bigger spares have too high a BCD, & could do with some chain tensioning - wonder if I could butcher an old derailleur into one, probably not for a 1/8" chain though.

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  • Nice that

    I was talking about the Woodrup obvs. Although the garish football strip SS is pretty fun.

  • Just got back from a week touring around The Trossachs & the shifter arm comes off on the Aurelius. Glad that didn't happen in the highlands! Definitely a bike in need of a bit of love.

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  • Was on call this weekend & with the weather being so gorgeous it's frustrating not being able to get out riding! Resulted in some faffing around with bikes yesterday - replaced the front brake on the Woodrup & lent my fancy Dura-Ace wheels. Silver spokes are always better.

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  • Since the shifter snapped on tour last year, the Aurelius hasn't been ridden. It's worth getting this properly sorted out I reckon, so stripped it down yesterday for a repaint. The original paint was always pretty rubbish - we'd joke if you even thought about the bike a flake would fall off. Going to figure out what @Tor wants at the weekend & we'll probably take it down to Woodrup to see what they can do. Whatever happens, it'll almost certainly end up green.

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  • That Woodrup is lovely, the finishing on the lugs and the compact geo looks superb. The fork looks quite short in rake however.

    I’m in the Leeds area too. I seem to recall the Aurelius brand was started by a polish ex-bike mechanic - Marek?

  • Cheers! I hadn't really considered the rake of the fork - these came up a steal back when we built it. Hasn't had any complaints so far though.

    Aye, Marek was my go-to mechanic in Leeds when he was around the back of Crown Point. Top guy, knows his stuff & a strong rider! Marek was an early member of LSF - Leeds fixed gear - met @Tor through LSF :)

  • Also, Marek is still running Aurelius but in Gargrave. We occasionally pop in to say hi when we do a canal ride up there

  • Lovely set of Hope RS4s on nice wide rims arrived the other day from @jontea. Dug out some parts, Ultegra cranks are a maybe, might reuse a five arm set I've got lying around with some subcompact rings. Still need to clean up some other parts we took off the frame originaly. Tor has taken the frame down to Woodrup this morning to see about paint/getting the stuck seatpost out.

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  • Green & Gold is a winning combo (for Aussies at least)

    I'll look beyond that SRAM nonsense ;)

  • On route to Woodrup. I'm carrying the frame around my neck and had quite a few comments. "That must have been a bad crash" is the best so far.

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  • Frame back from the painters, & looking excellent! A lovely lustre & the multicoloured sparkle really is something special. The paint is still quite soft, but we're going away next week & hoping to take it, so will be very carefully building it up next week.

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  • Paint looks fantastic! Can't wait for pictures of it built up. :-)

  • Finished off all but the bar tape this evening. It's all very shiny! Can't capture the multicoloured sparkle very well in artificial light, will take some better pictures at some point in the week.

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Tor's bike life - Woodrup, Aurelius, Charge, BTwin & Planet X

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