• Anyone have more info?

  • Walked past as the ambulance was getting their trolley out to load the patient up. Looked very serious but I'm reading it as positive that they were being taken off to hospital relatively quickly. Fingers crossed for the rider.
    It was a left turning Tarmac truck btw, turning from Bloomsbury St into Great Russell Street. Rider either turning left as well, or going straight on.

  • I work right next to that junction, rode across Bloomsbury Street this morning from Streatham street and saw everything was taped off and, like above, big tarmac lorry, didn't see any ambulance though, would have been c.9:15. Too far away to see what had happened, wondered if it was a ped as that junction is a nightmare for everyone. Seen some right dodgy manoeuvres by trucks/vans etc there over the years. Hope the rider makes full recovery.

  • PCSO on scene said the lady who was hit has injuries but nothing life threatening. It APPEARS that the truck was in the left turn lane, and she undertook potentially going straight on on the inside and was hit while the truck made it's turn.
    Situation is made much worse by the fact the left lane is a bus lane just prior to the junction, so all left turning traffic have to make a last minute lane change, into a lane where cyclists will be, as they are exiting a bus lane, and the lane becomes left turn only. No ASL on the junction either.

  • Just came across this... Everything taped off and the bike is still under the truck etc. Lots of worried people looking at the scene. But hopefully (as @lucvan suggests) the rider was ok. It is quite sobering seeing the reality of a mangled and trapped bike up close.

  • PCSO on scene

    Always be circumspect when taking information from police or bystanders near a crash. There have been many instances when they have provided incorrect information. I've fallen for that myself. Very much hoping she's not too badly injured. If so, she would have been very lucky, as this type of crash produces a very high percentage of serious injuries and fatalities.

  • Just back from lunch and walked back from Russell Square that way, didn't stop to ask for any info as I agree, never know if you'll get correct/up-to-date news. Bike is very mangled, police still there doing photos etc.

  • Also, 100% agree, that junction/set of lanes and lights is a clusterfuck.

  • Yes, there was a lot of accident recording activity going again. Little cones marking out points on the road, chalk marks drawn on the lorry's tyres, some sort of videoing kit on a tripod (looking a bit like a theodolite but with more features), etc.

  • 20180515
    The description of a cyclist 'undertaking' a left turning lorry is often misleading. If a cyclist is going at a steady speed when a lorry approaches and then slows down before turning it may appear to the driver, if he/she notices, that the cyclist is undertaking.
    While we don't yet know the details of this crash it is likely that the lorry began its turn from the middle lane making it hard for a cyclist to interpret its action.

  • Goodish news buried in the call for information from the Met:

    The 36-year-old female cyclist was taken by London Ambulance Service to a central London hospital where her condition has been assessed as not life threatening or life changing.


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2018-05-15 Ped/Cyclist near Bloomsbury / Gt Russell?

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