Cheap and cheerful Charge Plug 650b

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  • Massive Dredge but just read this thread and realised we we're riding near each other for a lot of the TNR- I was in a group of 3, me on Ti Plug, another on a black PX London Road and third on a canyon hardtail - particularly remember riding near you (you were in a pair?) over Izoard and Agnel on the big road day. Would recognise the fade & GB jersey combo anywhere!

  • Sweeet. Is that dented YT for the bin now? Barely a scratch that!

  • @sykodrama cheers!
    Approximately something like:

    1. Oxy/pro kit (­azing.htm) + tips + lighter - £180
    2. 9kg oxygen + 13kg propane - £175 (deposits on bottles ~£100/gas the rest)
    3. Various misc (files/hacksaw blades/grinding discs/drill bits/workmate) - £50
    4. Boric Acid 1kg for flux - £15
    5. Ceeway order (0.5kg Sif 101 rods/couple of practice tubes and a heap of braze-ons) - £60

    All in for about £500 at the moment, before any actual tubes for a frame or bits for a jig. Already had grinder/cordless drill.

    @Fforiwr ah no way! I remember, man I was struggling near the top of the Agnel. I was riding with my friend who just had a pair of red Ortleib front panniers. Any chance that's you or one of your friends at the top of the Agnel in the photo below? (My friend Ben on the left) I remember cloud rolling in from the Italian side as we made it to the top, after a scorching ascent. We stayed in a campsite/under an open barn in the town down the other side of the Agnel before staring on the Sampeyre and the Death Road the next morning.­1-PbBk8b/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igsh­id=a5bx3p6079s1

    @PhilDAS unfortunately I sold the YT for next to nothing before Xmas to a guy who was cobbling together a ski-bike. Wish I'd kept it now to have a go at making a new front triangle!

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  • GB jersey + pink/blue fade combo

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  • I know the feeling, I’ve sold countless things in the last couple of years that I know would be super handy now! Ah well
    Following the thread with interest

  • It's always the way! Got rid of a 29er Inbred frame last year that would have been ripe for fiddling with too.
    And likewise, good to know there are several of us in a similar place in the process.

  • Ha, excellent - yeah we were in the same campsite that night, forgot about that!

    Found a shot of your bike on the Izoard too. That probably is one of us in the background - we did the same, but took the off road decent instead of death road off the Sampeyre. Good times.

  • Rods arrived on Monday but due to the outside work space (currently with no working light) any sort of fiddling had to wait until today.

    Picked up some 10mm mild steel tubing from B&Q to start practicing with before making a front rack. Reasonably happy with a couple of simple 90° mitred practice joints. Undoubtedly overheated and didn't get very good consistency with the size of the fillet, but overall I'm happy with it considering it's my very first attempt and there's not a huge amount of space to play with with 10mm tubing. Also happy with the Boric acid as flux, seems to work well, can't remember who recommended it in another thread??

    Hopefully some more practice tomorrow, maybe with frame size tubes too, if the weather stays clear.

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  • Made a start on savaging the front rack from the Roadrat to improve it. Chopped off everything apart from the outermost tube and the rear brace. Going to add two tubes running fore/aft and then fixed legs off the front of those to an axle mount, then a horizontal tube from the leg to a mid-fork low rider mount. Should be a lot more stable with no adjustable elements and beefier tubing. Only one tube done so far, should be a good opportunity to practice more brazing. Again too much heat with the torch I think, brass is spreading too far.

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  • Doesn't look too bad.

    I've been using the tip of the inner flame to get things to the point where the brass starts to melt then pulling back a bit and use the feather to direct it from there.

    My fillets are stillpretty untidy though so...

  • Cheers, right at the bottom of the learning curve at the moment so every new joint I do I learn something new/improve slightly which is encouraging.

    Added a pair of low-rider mounts to the fork of the Roadrat, as well as a cable guide for the brake hose, after work this evening. Happier with the brazing, a lot tidier, even pre-filing. Held back with the flame once everything was up to temperature and it definitely helped, moved more quickly too, to hopefully reduce how much heat was put into the tubes. paint does not like heat at all though compared to the paint on the frame! Frame and forks will be off to be powder coated once I've added the braze-ons I want to the frame.

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  • Had some more time this afternoon so finished off the front rack and brazed in a threaded boss to the crown. Turned out well, very stable and secure, if a little agricultural looking.

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  • That looks great, hardly agricultural, it’s got no bailer twine. Good work

  • Great job. Did you manage to get it level?

  • @Tallboy Cheers both! Each joint I do seems to improve in quality, I finished off with the two horizontal stays and they're really quite smooth.

    @Rasmussloth yep, pretty level. Tacked the struts in after some rough measuring of length, then tweaked the angle until the rack sat level (using a cheap digital protractor) before fully brazing them.

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Cheap and cheerful Charge Plug 650b

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