Genesis cycletruck/Tricross/Solaris MAX

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  • Shrewsbury. I've done it the last few years now, one of the highlights of my riding year, can't speak highly enough about it.

  • Nice. I am over and around that was a lot. Nice area for cycling and links to Wales.

  • Finally collected the aluminum bar for the stem jig and got it assembled. Tubing is here and the binders should arrive from Ceeway next week.

    Pleased with how the jig has come together, it's nice and solid with no play. It should help keep all of the tubes in place while they're tacked and the extension tube is filed/fitted. Bolts just need to be trimmed a bit to remove the stack of washers.

    I've got bar for 1" and 1 1/8" steerers and 22.2, 25.4 and 31.8mm bars. Plenty of space for >150mm stem lengths and big rises.

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  • i love this thread

  • @BassoBry cheers! I enjoy keeping a log of what I've been up to, as much for myself and my terrible memory..

    I've made a start with filing up tubes for stems and the binders and bolts have arrived from Ceeway. I could do with doing a few practice joints with some scrap tubing to get my eye back in before diving into brazing a stem though.

    The cycletruck has now got an XTR mech, LX shifter, White Industries cranks, Bontrager post and has had the brake hoses trimmed. Bolted a small light to the underside of the rack to fill in the shadow caused by the box from the bar light. I'd really like to get this repainted now, the guy who turned the aluminium bar will also blast and powder coat for a reasonable price. Tempted to get the fork re-done in black and the frame and rack in white, which I can then do some sort of multi-colour splatter over top, heavily inspired by some of @M_V 's paintjobs. Plus a new grey/black box for the front to replace the cracked red one. It's also in the queue for a brazed stem after the Dolan and the Solaris.

    New lens on the way for my camera too, hoping to get some slightly improved photos of my collection and document making a stem a little better.

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  • Sound like such a hassle having to do all that work on the Genesis. Why don't you sell it to me to make your like easier ;)

  • Sadly it's far too useful to be moved on aha.
    Used it to pick up a badly bonked Planet X RT90 that has been vultured for it's bits. Frame, rear rim and saddle are for the bin, the groupset (which is what I wanted from it) is in good condition though, no significant scrapes even, just need to drill out a snapped barrel adjuster from the rear mech. Full Force 22 group, apart from FSA calipers, that will eventually make it's way on to the Dolan when I finish the new stem.
    Stem building is gathering pace, I've just finished off making some brazed steel shelf brackets, so will have more time to put towards them over the next couple of weeks.

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  • Not bike related but I've been busy brazing up some steel shelf brackets for my parents. Told myself I wouldn't do any more stem stuff until they were finished, so full speed ahead with them now they are. 1 inch threadless for the Dolan first.

    Formulating a plan to modify the Dolan once winter is over and I'm using the Geoffrey for road riding instead. I've collected the Force groupset, a set of carbon thru axle disc wheels, and a tapered carbon road fork over the last year. Thinking of chopping off the 1 inch head tube and replacing with a straight 44mm to take the tapered fork. Then chopping the (rusty) chain stays, dropouts, and bridges to spread the rear end out to 142mm. Braze in fresh thru axle dropouts and chain stays for a flat mount caliper.

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  • Nice!
    Where did you source the steel rods?

  • very nice shelves

  • Cheers all, pleased with how they came together given the lack of any proper workspace and only hand power tools.

    Rods (8mm mild steel) and bar for the cross bits (10x3mm mild) came from metals4u. Quite reasonably priced, I think there's about £60 of steel there inc. delivery. Oak boards were the spendy part..

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Genesis cycletruck/Tricross/Solaris MAX

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