• I'm not sure what the tubing is, if anyone has any ideas?

    I wouldn't be surprised if it's Deda. A friend of mine got a frame from Terry in the mid 90s, he was (I think) one of the early adopters of their tubing, and they offered a number of shaped downtube at the time.

  • Ahh that's good to know and ties in with the one other similar frame I found a picture of online (albeit with no shaped DT), that had Deda tubing.

  • Slight change of plan with the Dolan. I wanted to build it up on the cheap using bits from the spares box, but the chainline is way out with the fixed wheel and I've not got any drop bar levers which I thought I had.

    New plan is 1x9, riser bars and the old wheels off the Tricross. Cleaned and knocked back the surface rust with wire wool/emery cloth before a couple of coats of Halfords finest clear coat. Got the stuck post out and reamed the seat tube.

    Had a nice afternoon building it up in front of the Tour. Not 100% sold on the bars, they look a bit too wide and with too much rise? Comfy to ride though. Alternative is some narrow, flat bars (maybe with bar ends), but that'll leave a big saddle - bar drop.. Happy with how it's turned out considering it's a bottom of the parts bin build, I'll keep an eye out for a black post though.

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  • I really like the look of the swept back bars.
    Stick a basket on there and you have a really nice grocery getter!

  • Flat bars it is. I'll hunt out a black inline post to finish it off.

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  • Looks fast! How much does it weigh?

  • I agree with vp - it's not a bad look either

  • It does work well to be honest, nice and comfy to ride too. I've got another basket town bike already though, so could do with something a little different. Easy enough to revert back though.

    @vpCogworks feels it! Not too sure, not that light though, the wheels are definitely weighty. I'll get it on the bathroom scales at lunchtime aha

  • Carbon inline post to finish it off. Still in two minds about putting another chainring and a front mech on it though. Could do with some black bottle cage bolts too.

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  • Autumn is approaching and with it a return to bike projects and fiddling. I've signed up for a couple of local cross races, which I'll use the Tricross for. That'll mean stripping off the dynamo stuff and swapping tyres, so while I'm at it I'm going to strip and respray the frame as the current dark blue is drab and boring.

    Post racing it'll get the slick GravelKings, guards and dyno lights back ready for winter road riding. As well as fresh pads, cables and chain while I'm at it, plus replacing the loose ball Specialized Mindset with sealed cartridge bearings, a low stack top cover to replace the conical one and a longer stem. I've got some stick on Di2 cable guides to tidy up the dyno wiring too.

    I've picked up a couple of cans of Shock Pink Montana Gold and some clear lacquer. Got as far as stripping it down and getting the colour on the fork this morning, it's not going to be drab now!

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  • wow bike and color gonna be hot!!

  • Back home after being away for a couple of weeks and I've got the decals and a couple of coats of clear gloss on top of the pink. Going to give it a couple of days to harden then polish it up, then get it re-built before racing on Sunday. Happy with the colour and interested to see how it'll look built up now.

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  • Cool! I like the position of the letters

  • Thanks! I couldn't find any Tricross specific decals (and getting some made up was a step too far), but the lettering and the 'S' logo on the headtube are pretty much where the originals were.

  • Build time! Put the hardware back on the frame at lunch and hopefully will get a good chunk of the rest of the build done this evening. Cabling and chain can wait. Need to swap the tyres for some knobblies too.

    Really happy with how it's turned out, it's not perfect but it's my winter road bike and it'll be getting ridden around a muddy field in a few days, so I'm not going to be too precious about it. It's got a Tester low profile top cover so I've gained another 20mm drop potential at the front. Realised I've stuck the Specialized text on back to front so it's not readable from the driveside, oh well.

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  • Managed to get rid of the Specialized Mindset headset too. Previously it was poor quality caged bearings that sat in integrated cups in the frame, with additional races that sat on the crown race and beneath the split ring at the top. After lots of googling and a but of guessing it turns out you can ditch the caged bearings and extra races and just drop two Cane Creek sealed 1 1/8th cartridge bearings straight into the frame. It does need an additional 2mm 1 1/8 spacer above the top split ring, but under the headset cover, as the top cup is quite deep and the bearing is recessed. All successfully sorted.

  • The paint looks great! Good work.

  • Thanks! It's nice to bring some fresh enthusiasm and life to an old bike. Worked out that it's the frame I've ridden the most miles on of any I've had, I've got a soft spot for it.

    The light's a bit poor for photos but I've got all the bits on it this evening, minus cables, chain and final adjustments.

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  • Quality. What a transformation!

  • Very nice

  • Thanks both! All finished up now, managed to miss the cross race yesterday but going again next week.

    Really happy with how it's turned out, and the fresh cables and chain etc have got it riding nice and smoothly again. I've dropped the stem as far as it'll go and it's still plenty comfortable. Slick GKs, guards and dyno lights are waiting to go back on next month.

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  • wow looking good! cant wait to c it with the GK slicks

  • Really enjoying using the cycletruck around town, it's getting ridden almost daily at the moment and the Bob Yak was a great borrow. Think I found the limit weight wise yesterday, with a week's worth of shopping, 4 bags of cat litter and 80 pouches of cat food. It was very squirmy and snakey!

    Starting to get ideas for the next project, involving using most of the bits from the Hooger Booger and a late 90's (?) Merida Dakar frame. Preliminary thoughts are lots of brazed bosses, a dyno hub, the silver moto bars, and another bright paint colour - yellow maybe?

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  • Plans for the Merida are starting to form. The paint is very ratty, tempted to either leave as is with lots of wax or fully strip and powder coat. The Hooger Booger will be the main donor but I picked up a 90s Scott this afternoon too, which has a decent haul of lovely grey XTR M950 bits.

    It's got XTR Fr and Rr derailleurs (Rr needs new jockey wheels and will most likely go on the Tricross), XTR triple with a reasonable BB (preliminary research indicates that Garbaruk do a direct mount single ring, which would replace the integrated triple spider), and the wheels are XTR hubs with 26" Mavic 217 Ceramic rims. Frame is way too small for me, so along with a few other bits from it, will get sold on. Sadly the green Michelin tyres are well past it..

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  • This thread is what I wish I did with my couple of spare frames and spares box. Amazing work, assuming this is all hobby/evenings and weekend stuff! I must try harder

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Hot metal glue + Genesis cycletruck/Tricross/Solaris MAX

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