• Made an order to replace the DIY frame because:
    a) it's in stock in my size
    b) geo looks like a good fit, it's not hideously expensive, and the majority of the components from the DIY will swap straight over
    c) it's in stock in my size

    Frame should arrive over the weekend, might need to wait a few more days for the headset and seatpost shim.

    Build will be largely the same as the DIY, with the exception of pinching the X01 11spd from the cycletruck and putting the 9spd Shimano from the DIY on that. Carbon fork, WTB/Novatec wheels with 2.2 Rangers, XT cranks and a smaller 32t ring, shimmed 27.2 post for now, Alpkit loop bars and a few different length stems to try. When I've got a few more pennies I'll get a 210mm OneUp dropper for the Solaris and the 150mm Brand-X can go on this.

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  • The geometry of the Alivio mech on the cycletruck was really odd for some reason and was making the chain slip, swapped to an old LX. Really love 90's 8/9spd Shimano stuff. Juuuust works with the 11-40t cassette.
    Ran out of gear outer, so had to temporarily join two bits with an inline adjuster..
    Needs a clean etc.

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  • Does it do the 11-40 good enough or would you recommend using a hanger extension?

  • Sorry, missed this. Yep it does the 40t fine, but that'd be the max.

  • .

  • A mix up with Alpkit's stock levels meant they hadn't actually got any in white and it's taken a couple of weeks to get a black frame out to me. Colour looks fine though, might just need to get some brighter bits to make it more cheerful.

    A productive long lunch break and it's put together enough for a shakedown ride at the weekend. Feels zippier than the DIY frame already, on the roll down the the LBS for some cable outer. All built up nicely, even the internal routing was straight forward. Replacement (black) pedals are already on the list.

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  • The Frontier is great! Been out a few times this week on it, lighter and much better fitting than the DIY frame. Could probably do with some fresh brake pads..

    Found a few bits in the shed to put together this bar set-up that will potentially go on the HoogerBooger. Alpkit flared bars, 50mm stem, Sunrace bar end and some old 105 aero levers.

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  • Can't stop making double posts trying to upload photos..

  • Hmm, think this could work. If I use fresh cables and outers it should be fairly quick to swap between flat/drop bars. Really could do with some different tyres, the Crazy Bobs are about a kilo each and very draggy.

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  • That Frontier looks really good, love it! Also, looking forward to see that Hooger Booger finished with the dirt drops, super rad stuff!

  • dirt drop looks good! do those levers work with v-brakes?

  • Thanks, it's come together well, some black pedals would only help too I think.

    Keen to get the HB swapped over now, looks better than I thought it would too and the fit doesn't seem too weird.

    @rodhusk nah, unfortunately they're road pull. But I've got an old pair of LX cantis, so if I put those on with fresh cables I can keep the v-brake/flat bar system together as one and the cantis/drops as another, to swap between just by unbolting a few things and not faffing with cables (apart from shifter).

    I think it could do with some better quality tape than I normally use, maybe some patterned/colourful cotton stuff?

  • sounds like a good system for having one bike with two different setups. n = 1.5?

    Maybe something like supacaz with those flowery things in it?

  • Yeah, I think so! It'll only really get used for riding around town to be honest.

    Some hot pink Velox cotton tape just arrived in the post, it looks like it'll be a pretty good match with the pink Jagwire gear cables. I'll take a bit more time than I normally do when wrapping bars to hopefully get a better quality finish.

  • Yeah, I think so! It'll only really get used for riding around town to be honest.

    Some hot pink Velox cotton tape just arrived in the post, it looks like it'll be a pretty good match with the pink Jagwire gear cables. I'll take a bit more time than I normally do when wrapping bars to hopefully get a better quality finish.

    I'll put the 2.2 Crosskings back on to lose some weight and gain some clearance back.

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  • Held up by only being able to find one set of the cantis in the spares box, but picked up another today.
    Spent a nice couple of hours in the sun putting the drops on. Should be perfect for chill, local rides, it rides surprisingly well. A mix of different era Deore LX mostly, pretty much all of it ratty. Took the sidesnips to the rear tyre to trim down some of the sideknobs that were buzzing the chainstay. Cotton tape also turns out to be really nice to wrap, just need to get some proper finishing tape.

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  • .

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  • Bit late but you can get Cane Creek V Brake drop levers. I use them, and they're pretty decent.

    Edit: Oh, I see you already moved over to cantis. Bike looks great regardless!

  • Somehow missed this, good tip, I'll keep that in mind. Thanks!
    Been out for plenty of little evening rides on it.

  • Picked up some minty 6600 cranks for a good price, put them on the GB along with some new pedals, happy with them and it was worth it to ditch the Biopace rings alone. Only picture in the failing light this evening.

    I think it's some 28c tyres and an inline post away from being as finished as it'll ever be. Looking forward to getting out for a ride on it tomorrow.

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  • Picked up some nice 28c grey wall Corsas from @Glws and popped them on the GB. They measure up at 26.5 on the old, narrow 13mm rims, which I'm happy with. Swapped out the old, perished 23c Contis. Only an inline post left to find.

    Really happy with how it's turned out, despite being fixed up on a meager budget and most parts being ratty and decidedly 2nd hand. In an ideal world I'd get the frame resprayed. But for now it's ready to enjoy some summer miles on and I think there's room for guards too, later in the year.

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  • that's beautiful

  • Thanks! Had a great ride out on it this evening, new tyres are a big improvement

  • As ever, summer means a slow down with bike projects as I do more riding. But I picked up a new (old) frame from the local bike charity for a good price. Intention is to build a very tatty, beater fixed road bike on a minimal budget, using all second hand/parts bin bits.

    The frame is a 90's (mid/late?) Terry Dolan road frame, with maybe the worst paint I've seen. Really tatty, with large areas of bare steel around the BB, dropouts and downtube. Fortunately I think I've caught it before it's terminal, there are no dents and the tubing seems sound. With a combo of acetone and wire wool I've removed as many of the marks as I can and knocked back the surface rust. It's now hanging on the washing line getting several coats of Halfords finest PU lacquer to hold the rust at bay. All the braze ons and gear hanger will be left on.

    I'm not sure what the tubing is, if anyone has any ideas? Can't imagine it's anything fancy. Tig welded, 27.2 post, 1" threadless HT and quite a nice aero downtube. The fork has a Columbus logo stamped on the steerer, but there are no markings on the BB or dropouts.

    It came with a decent Cane Creek 40 threadless headset and I picked up a Boardman stem and bars (logos have been removed with acetone) for a few more pennies. I'm thinking it'll probably need a 1 inch stem and 26.0 bars though, to match the 1" headtube properly. The modern 1 1/8th stem and 31.8 bars will do for now though with a shim.

    Only thing missing from the parts box now is some aero brake levers. I've got a UN71 BB and 105 cranks, along with a cheap fixed wheel set and a brown Super Turbo saddle. All the finishing kit will be black.

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Hot metal glue + Genesis cycletruck/Tricross/Solaris MAX

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