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  • Jim Goldberg Rich & Poor not strictly street photography but amazing work as is Raised by Wolves.

    Poverty porn is a bit of a controversial subject, exploiting the subjects vs trying to highlight the position they are unfortunately in.­ciety/jim-goldberg-rich-and-poor/?gclid=­CjwKCAiA0JKfBhBIEiwAPhZXD5amUU9hJOsqWK8e­QblO3ER9KLUc1lVdAouIHaz-NXz7-CS4yI7ZSxoC­pG8QAvD_BwE

  • He certainly doesn't stop at street photography. Put the book forwards because of the way he captures people, whether on the street, at work, in their homes or on holiday. Shows them clearly without (to me) becoming voyeuristic.

  • Amazing, thanks for these references everyone. I think street photographers was a misleading term perhaps, it's just how the student in question framed their request. Photographers is enough I think. Ta!

  • The student should have a look at, Mortram is possibly the best documentary photographer in Britain at the moment.
    Then again, it's almost limitless; this is from the Guardian today­/gallery/2023/feb/10/coalmines-shipyards­-and-a-tea-dance-britain-1986-2022-in-pi­ctures
    Tish Murtha is another example. Chris Killip. Shirley Baker.

  • Vivian Myer surely could be in that list.

  • Thomas Annan's 1860s Glasgow is so beautiful/moving :­nnan-glasgow/explore/page-1/

  • +1 for Vivian Maier and Jim Mortram; Small Town Inertia is an incredible book. Going back a wee bit I've always loved Garry Winogrand's work; by all accounts he was something of a character, leaving behind thousands of undeveloped rolls of film when he died. I think this is probably my favourite photo of his, if not all time.

    In a similar fashion, Bruce Gilden's street work is quite literally in your face. Probably the epitome of NYC street photographers.

  • I suppose you could contrast Gilden's photos of poor, vulnerable, drug addled people with his recent work for Gucci and Swarovski. Equally heartless.

  • Cheers @WillMelling that guardian gallery is great.

    Shameless plug for me, my exhibition has been extended, so if anyone is near Whitechapel, pop to the Pocketsquare Skyline Bar, 9th floor of the Hyatt Whitechapel. its worth it for the view.

  • This is why I don't like the @reply system -the absolute fucking stupidity of having your following page look like this because of a notification system that you cannot opt out of. Not blaming you, Ben, just the system.

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  • Woah sorry dude, fuck that image is big. Soz everyone.

  • You're right Will; I think Gilden's approach aims to obliterate the notion of privacy in public spaces but just comes across as a brash bloke ramming his camera and flash into strangers' faces, not all of them NYC socialites. Maier's much more sensitive handling is why I'll always prefer her work to his; seems to be to be an inherently macho pursuit for BG that characterizes a fair few male photographers. Raises all kinds of questions about public/private respect. I may be bastardizing the quote, but I love Winogrand's dictum that "I photograph to see what things look like photographed."

  • There's a kindness and empathy to Mortram's work which is really appealing and often lacking in many documentary photographers.

  • Great suggestions all. You'll be pleased to know I passed them on to the student earlier and he barely seemed to give a fuck about them and mumbled something about 'whatever as long as I get some research marks'. I will get those research marks you little cunt. You will get fuck all. Why do I bother...

  • If it makes any odds, I've been following the responses to your question with interest - it will not be going to waste.

  • As a counterpoint to maybe some of the other (very valid) recommendations, Martha Rosler's work The Bowery in Two Inadequate Descriptive Systems works as a meta-commentry on documentary and 'street' photography in its traditional forms.
    Not sure what level your student is working at but that work, and Rosler's writing in general, are fantastic if they are wanting to see some critiques of the way the genre operates while still providing them visual inspiration to work forward from.

  • I think it's over. We've concluded that no one really knows what street photography is and that students are arseholes.

  • Close the thread, we’re done

  • Hahahaha true and double true. Big team effort here and that's the response he gives. Wee arsehole.

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Photographers / Photography book & Exhibition Discussion

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