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  • Robert Frank has passed away at the age of 94.
    The Americans gets all the praise (rightly so) but my favourite book of his is London/Wales

  • My sister bought us an introductory cyanotype course yesterday (great fun, can recommend) and also doing the course was a lady in her sixties. My sis and her got chatting about music photography, how much they both loved it, favourite photographers, etc.
    Towards the end of the day, my sister says to the lady, "I absolutely love Jill Furmanovsky's work, I did my uni final project based on her and her work... Well it was nice to chat to you today. Oh, I'm so sorry, I didn't catch your name earlier?"

    "Oh, it's Jill" says the lady.
    "Wait... you're not... are you...?"
    "Hello, yes"

    She'd been chatting and working with her idol the entire day and had no idea.

  • I’ll be liquidating my photography book collection, if there are any serious collectors on-here?

    My list is out of date so I’ll be writing up a new one, but it’s maybe a hundred or more first editions, from Ryan McGinley to Larry Sultan, Lorca diCorcia, David Bailey, Guy Bourdin, etc.

  • Would be nice to see some photos of your collection (as I'm having to expand my shelving to put my meagre collection on) before you sell it on, but I'm going to guess my wallet isn't serious enough to actually buy anything out of it.

  • Too much mess and too dark but here’s a glimpse of the majority... Signed Joel-Peter Witkin, two John Divolas (Green of this Notebook definitely not for sale!)

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    • E50B282E-2743-4C85-A97E-C4733D0223DA.jpeg
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    • 450381F0-1F98-4C6D-80BB-32DEA0B9F7AB.jpeg
    • 07D3AB39-9D92-4DDE-9E64-52D37C83C51B.jpeg
  • Signed David Bailey (done in my presence, one of four books I have signed), signed Miles Aldridge plus others, signed (in my presence) Fiona Banner plus rare extras, signed Ed Templeton plus rare Drinking The Kool Aid, Signed Sam Taylor Wood

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    • 4835A26E-CEB4-4034-807E-F76A776248CE.jpeg
    • 7DF233FB-8C47-4195-9420-A7DF0D31FCD0.jpeg
  • Rare Shinoyama zine, Guy Bourdin, sealed Katy Grannan, Hatakeyama Scales (definitely not for sale), 1954 first edition Dali’s Mustache.

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    • E297EAF4-0441-425C-ADB8-919A702214E8.jpeg
    • FF373BA7-6688-43D3-9466-409D03D7A69A.jpeg
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    • A32C9E5E-E54A-49D3-A08C-126736771142.jpeg
    • C321D230-CEE1-4308-9BCE-400C2DD3561C.jpeg
  • be good to see a list!

  • Also not photo’d stuff like boxed reprint of Helmut Newton Sumo, super rare and very badly treated review-only (unsigned but plastic-boxed, retailer display not for sale) Testino Kate Moss, Jake & Dinos Chapman Insult to Injury...

    And so on...

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    • 29788EEE-6202-4680-ABFA-205340F9F6AF.jpeg
  • Wow, thanks for posting those up. There's at least one cross over with my collection - Philip Jones Griffiths 'Dark Odyssey'

  • Cool, that was one of the first I bought. Can’t remember where now, but I remember it was a kind of war museum I think.

  • Mine is a bit random - a German copy (Dunkle Odyssee) bought from an Oxfam bookshop in Bath

  • Anyone been to any interesting exhibitions lately? Or got anything lined up for 2020?

  • The Bruce Davidson exhibition looks great!

  • I'm probably a bit late with these two, but just incase you haven't seen them, these are publishing some interesting work by British photographers for not much money.­products

    Full marks to John Irvine (from MYRKVIFIÖRD on Another Place) for keeping the car/tarpaulin flame alive

  • Oooo didn’t know this thread was here!
    Nothing particularly rare over here, but here’s one of my faves that’s within reach! Plus a few of my favourite shots from it.

    Signed first edition of Matt Stuart’s “All that life can afford”

    I quite like the irony of the quote in the context that Matt Stuart has now moved out of the country. (And I out of London)

    Looking forward to getting to check out the Don McCullin exhibition at Tate Liverpool soon, feels like a lifetime since I went to an exhibition.

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  • My designer friend has just started a book publisher and as his first books he's making one with Noah Kalina. Thats the link below if anyone is interested.

  • Awesome, I like his work. His newsletter is great.

  • I have the first edition of this and have also backed the V2 project. It is a great book and documents some events that I went to during the 90's and some important anti-establishment protests/events and alternative lifestyles.­tko/exist-to-resist-v20

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Photographers / Photography book & Exhibition Discussion

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