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  • I don't think we've got a thread on this ? I can't be the only one with a mild photography book addiction

    Got given this as a present and it's pretty incredible

    A mixture of landscapes, wildlife and portraits of native tribes done by a documentary photography who's been burnt out by seeing the horrors of mankind. I find his approach to it incredibly refreshing in perhaps some of the more cliched areas of photography. The Wim Wender's doc 'Salt of the Earth' which sort of accompanies the book is also well worth a watch

  • I haven't seen the book, but I saw the exhibition when it was at the Natural History Museum a few years back - it was quite something. I have a copy of his 'Workers' book, which is incredible.

    (I met Salgado once at a small exhibition at the Brazilian embassy that a friend invited me to. I was completely starstruck and just shook his hand and retreated to a corner to watch him tell stories to other people. He was very charming and thoughtful.

    CSB etc).

    The sunshine isn't hugely conducive to rooting through my shelves, but I'll try to add some reviews to this thread when I next sit down with one of my books...

  • I met Salgado once at a small exhibition at the Brazilian embassy that a friend invited me to. I was completely starstruck and just shook his hand and retreated to a corner to watch him tell stories to other people. He was very charming and thoughtful

    Very jealous and can emphasise. Him and Daido Moriyama are probably the two photographers I'd be reduced to a fizzing mess should I ever meet them in person.

    Had this through the post, Concrete Octopus by Osamu Kanemura

    He's a Japanese photographer that mostly takes dense cityscapes in B&W, highly contrasted with cables and signs a go-go.
    He also has the best book and exhibition titles that wouldn't of looked out of place on a Fall album such as "Uncle Zyanose Meat" and "Room Full of Telepathy".

    I do however have an issue with Concrete Octopus the book. It's a portrait book (and quite a tall one at that) for photos shot in Landscape. They put a photo over two pages with the dip in the middle and that kills some of the photographs for me. They should have either made the book landscape format, or just wider and put one photo per page


    (Photos from Osamu Kanemura's website)

  • @Velocio If I wanted to post photos from a photographer sourced from the internets when discussing their work is that ok ?

  • If you’re discussing their work that should be fair use, so long as you don’t overdo it.­ight/p09_fair_use

  • Discussing their work, yes. Critique is fair use.

    But not discussing... just posting... probably not a good idea.

  • Love a good photo book. Will have to post some of my favourites when I am home.

  • Just got this book. And agree; it's pretty awesome. If I could get half the tones and detail he does I'd be very happy indeed.

  • I know, right ? To be fair it's not just Salgado who works on the finished image. Dominique Granier is his darkroom printer and the 'look' is probably down to him.

    Apparently Salgado started Genesis with film and finished with digital, for the digital images he got a neg made which Granier then printed with in the darkroom.

    Granier's own stuff has a similar look to what he does for Salgado­es/

    The thing that impresses me the most is him getting the blacks black without loosing any shadow detail. I find that hard enough to do in Lightroom with a neg scan, let along darkroom printing

  • Eugene Atget - Paris

    Eugene Atget was a French photographer from the late 19th to the early 20th century. He's perhaps the proto - 'ambling' photographer. Someone who wanders the streets of their city documenting what they come across, and by looking at a body of their work you can get a sense of the city. My favourite style of photography.
    As much as Moriyama wandered around Shinjuku with his Ricoh GR-1, Atget was wandering around Paris 70 years earlier with a large format glass plate camera.

    His work is mostly buildings, such as this

    He also took photos of people, and of shop fronts, especially with dummies and reflections that are almost surrealist

    This is a reflection selfie with motion blur from the long exposure for bonus surrealist points

    The Taschen book is lovely and a bargain at £15. Go buy !

  • For those who like Daido Moriyama, his excellent Record book (compilation of Records 1-30) is down to £30 on Amazon from £50.

  • Despite not speaking a work of Japanese, quite enjoyed watching this

    Osamu Kanemura with his Makina 67 wandering the streets back in 2001 . Some darkroom work in prep for a show in Italy, which mostly ended up with him ripping up the final print.
    Looks as though he was delivering newspapers to get by also

  • Anyone else get Vivian Maier - The Colour Work from Santa ? It’s a fantastic book

  • Is it just me or is £16 advance/£18 on the door a bit steep for Don McCullin at Tate Britain?

  • There's also a McCullin documentary on i-player now.

  • Enjoyed the documentary.

    Ticket prices seem to be going up as funding drops, I remember a fair wedge for London Nights.
    Impressed that the Photographers Gallery is reasonable.. although I always end up making up for that in the bookshop

  • going back to Salgado - i just watched the documentary about him made a couple of years ago called ‘the salt of the earth’.

    i’d not really been aware of his work other than Genesis, so it was quite an eye-opener. would highly recommend.

  • I just got back from where there is an exhibit called "Scene" by Alex Majoli; it was magnificent. If anyone manages to get to Paris before it closes, I highly recommend going (7 euros, full price, 5 euros reduced). Majoli is an Italian, member of Magnum (I hadn't even heard of him before going) who, for this series, used an extremely powerful flash in capturing the images.

    Various links:

    (I'm not connected in any way with the show)


    Factory workers of the 50s and 60s. At the Derby Museum and Art Gallery until 5th May.

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  • Would love to go to this, some beautiful imagery in the article

  • One for @Bratkartoffles
    Had a flick through Douglas Ljungkvist's Urban Cars book today and quite liked it­ars


    Hiroh Kikai is a big influence on me at the moment, a Japanese portrait and urban landscape photographer. The video above doesn't cover his urban landscape stuff, of which this is typical and you can find in the Tokyo Labyrinth/ Labyrinthos books

  • Brilliant! Thanks for sharing.

  • The Cindy Sherman at the national portrait gallery was excellent

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Photographers / Photography book & Exhibition Discussion

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