• Having a clear out of some wheels and tents for the bank holiday. I'll add more photos tonight but I'm away until monday so will post everything then. In manchester if collection is preferred.

    1) Archetypes + Shimano CX75 hubs https://photos.app.goo.gl/XwqYBpvY1TWipq­Jq8

    Had these a little while but not really ridden them much due to landing a really cheap set of kysyrium pros. This is they on my old CAAD 10. Will add photos of them later stripped off the bike. Really good condition. No rotors, tyres or cassette included. £205 ono posted insured royal mail/PF.

    2) Wild Country Hoolie 3 https://photos.app.goo.gl/kfTtyK3qN7qSGU­pq6

    Used once (in that picture) for one night but I still use my Laser more for touring. Roughly 3kg. Easy to put up. Bought for £150. Selling for £100 ono posted by hermes or some such.

    3) Marmot Colfax 4p SOLD

    This will only be here until monday then i'll be taking advantage of the bay £1 selling fees offer

  • Interested in the Hoolie 3 do you have anymore photos or a product link? Not sure which version it is.


  • Hi!

    its this one I reckon. Will add pics later of it packed up but I don't have anywhere to put it up myself.

    Bought from blacks on 23/06/17 according to my email so assume its the latest version.



  • Any clue as to the weight of the wheels?

  • i'll try and weigh them but heres a rundown of the parts

    cx75 hub Rear 332g
    CX75 Front Hub 166g
    2 x archetype rims 470g
    56 x sapim spokes 250g?

    This is all spec weights so might be a bit more or less but should give an idea. Very nice wheels.

  • Here's a couple of stats pictures from the outside of the tents. I can take these camping with me and take more pictures of them erected if anyone insists.


    Wheels later hopefully...

  • Great rims free bump

  • Also interested in wheels. Pending info/photos.
    Postage needed. :)

  • Sorry! I've taken them off the bike but not stripped them down but now I'm away until Monday. Will rescind the eBay detail and leave them on here for a bit longer. Anything in particular you want to see or know on my return.

    Post is no issue. Have wheel box already.


  • Right, sorry for the delay. Here's the wheels off the bike. Tried to photo any blemished. The marks on the logos are just the sticker not any damage to the rim. There's some signs of use obviously but they are really in great condition. Any more questions let me know.


  • I've put the tents up too now. Not pegged every point but you did get the idea.

    Have a look here. https://photos.app.goo.gl/gDkjgFY65sJVCl­1Q2


    On the marmot I've not brought out the extra porch as it's never been used I might be able to sell it as new if one of you don't want it. Any question please ask.

  • Marmot tent SOLD

    Wheelset now includes the 2 x 160mm rotors you can see in the images

  • Wheels reduced to £200 delivered.

  • Hoolie reduced to £95 delivered

  • Hoolie £90 Delivered

  • -

  • Never got round to ebaying them. £195 delivered?

  • Has the Hoolie gone?

  • Sorry mate. Tent sold.

    Wheel pics


Archetype/Shimano CX75 11s Disc Wheels / Wild Country Hoolie 3 Tent

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