1st Carbon bike - Look KG231 Credit Agricole

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  • I have joined in on the modern phenomenon of carbon framed bikes sweeping the world............ By purchasing a carbon frame which is about 18-20yrs old.

    Found a Look KG231 in Credit Agricole colours on ebay. It was advertised as being 58cm but looking at the head tube in the listing pictures, I cannot see that it will be a 58cm (when it arrives I will find out for sure) and hope it will fit me.

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  • It looks in very good order and just dirty/oil covered.

  • Awesome! I had one of these and it was great fun! Always wanted a CA colourway... sub’d
    What’s the plan for group? I’ve got a good clean full 9 speed Ultegra including wheels for cheap?


    I see why you're after an ergopost now ;) I have one, but it was recalled in 2003 I think.

    Work in progress

  • How does the seat pinch bolt work? is it a look custom jobby?

    Nice frames guys.

  • Not very well. It pushes a rubber wedge against the seatpost. Clamping torque is not available online. I spend hours searching in French and English.

  • I think I will build it up as per the 2000 catalogue with DA 7700 and Heliums (Team KG281)

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  • Looks good.
    The seat post bolt /wedge thing,
    Is this what I should buy?

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  • Would love to find the pedals but don't hold out much hope

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  • sounds great, but please go for a quill stem and compact bars...

  • I have joined in

    Join the club

  • Beauty! I have a KG171 and love the ride. I swapped out my ergo post for something inline, so if you're still after one, I can try dig it up out of storage. Can't remember if I sold it in or not...


  • Yeah that looks about right but I've not take mine apart. I think the French term was "tampon tangent".

  • I hear what you're saying.
    Compact will be the way as not a fan of anatomic (is that right word) bars.
    Aesthetically ahead stems are not a favourite of mine and will probably go for a quill but have found the correct ahead as per catalogue

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  • Cool, I'll get that one.
    I wasn't sure as this particular frame wasn't mentioned in the ad but it should work as this frame has a 25mm seat post

  • Raoul at luescher teknik really likes LOOK carbon frames, he says one of the few manufacturers from his technical viewpoint that gets it right. No voids, no pooled resin, no dry fibres etc... Well done : ) He's worth a follow on youtube, great vids.

  • It might be worth checking troc-velo.com for the pedals.

  • Subbed. I do love Look.

  • Was about to bid on that but also thought 58 looked ambitious so stayed away, looking forward to seeing the build, it's a sweet looking frame, love the carbon "window"

  • Top drawer, will watch and read with interest

  • Subbed, one of my dream frames

  • I found these frigged pedals at a jumble recently. I say frigged - the left one has a smooth axle but the right one is missing. The adjustable tension bits seem to work.

    I offered the bloke £2 and still feel I overpaid.

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  • Yes there the one's.

  • Frame arrived today and after cleaning the oil off of it

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  • It's in rather lovely condition and looks barely used and I was right about the head tube size as it's perfect for me at 55cm

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1st Carbon bike - Look KG231 Credit Agricole

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