For Sale - Thomson X2 120mm 10 Degree Black £40

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  • Thomson X2 120mm 10 Degree Black in great condition.

    Only sparingly used, complete with Thomson bag, notes, and assembly paste.

    I'm in Norwich, so UK postage is included in the £44, and I'll knock a fiver off if you're local enough for collection.

    PMs and Paypal preferred.

    Thanks, Al.

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  • I did see your post @hippy but this is obviously two-bolt, so I ruled it out.

    Let me know if you are interested, though!

  • Cheers @sacredhart @thross I do like a bit of Thomson but I'm set in my ways when it comes to stems. 4 to the floor

  • Ridden this stem's replacement and I'm much happier with it, so keen to get a bit of money back from this if I can.

    £44 posted, with periodic price drops until it sells to come!

  • Bump! Now £40 posted.

  • Doesn't seem like much interest, so lets have an 'It's Really Hot' opportunists special.

    I'll consider any sensible offers on this today until the sun sets.

  • Still for sale? £25 posted?

  • Yes, it's still for sale, but I've got two higher offers interested at the moment.

  • Sorry @dnylne this is now sold.


For Sale - Thomson X2 120mm 10 Degree Black £40

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