Anyone ridden the Cinelli Vigorelli Road frames?

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  • Looking for a new fast steel frame. That ideally doesn't cost a fortune.

    Just wondering if anyone has an opinion on the high bb and geometry in general.


  • I'll tell you one thing, I commute on a cross bike and I have a Supersix, and the Supersix feels really low for about 2 mins then you just get used to it, I doubt the difference is that extreme so I wouldn't worry about it.

  • Yep, I'm only speculating but if you ride fixed on a proper track frame and don't hate it you'll get on well with the Vigorelli Road. Might not be ideal for long all day rides but then again that depends on your perception of comfort. It looks like a really nice frame for a really sensible price though for sure!

    The only alternative I could recommend would be to trawl eBay for nice steel road frames in your size and see if anything jumps out at you? The price of the Vigorelli would get you into a lot of seriously desirable older frames.

  • Not sure where you are based but...­y/

  • Got one. But it's not quite stiff enough to race. Also I don't want to break it because some twat crashes into me.

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  • I work in bicycle shop which caters for some demanding customers with really high end bikes and I've test ride them all, I've got a vigorelli steel road frame built up with dura ace, it's one of the best frames I've ever ride, I agree with the other guy, "its not quite stiff enough to race" (which Ive tried) but as a fast steel road bike to train on or commute you'll probably not find much else this good for the price.

  • Here it is

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  • Phwoar! Purple cage tho ew...

  • That's excusable. The levers on the other hand...

  • I thought the purple cage was quite clever... But if anyone has any 10 speed dura ace original lever covers, they'd be gratefully received?

  • For racing if you’re worried about crashing Allez sprint/Caad are unbeatable.

  • Hi mate, FYI Hub Velo in Clapton have a Cinelli demo weekend this weekend and have a few Vigorelli Road Frames to try out -­test-ride-day-26th-may-hub-velo-london/

  • I have the fixed gear version and it’s the dog’s dangles. Ridden several centuries on it and it’s fast and comfortable and downright smiles for miles. If the road frame is similar with gears it’ll be superb.

  • Just finished building it; haven't ridden it yet:

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  • Nice build mate. Could you let give us some info on a few things? Bike size, inseam, height and reach?

  • Thanks. All the information about the geometry is on the Cinelli website here, including stack, reach, and standover height. Mine is an XS, and I am 158cm tall (short).

    I still have not ridden it much (having too much fun riding fixed gear), but it is very comfortable to ride.

  • I’ve only ridden single speed/fixed but am intrigued of the potential fun of gears. Would you say for someone like me who live in London, not very hilly part, who just ride for fun and to try and lose weight. That a geared bike might be too much?

  • A little late to this party but I’ve recently built up a road version and after first few hundred miles I’m loving this frame and bike in general.

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  • I’m also quite tempted by a fixed version to replace my Dolan pre cursa.

  • Nice, do you have better photo's?

  • I owned (and loved) the fixed version. Reckon the road version would made a superb lively, engaging, fast and fun road bike. I really couldn't believe how well the fixed version balanced compliance and comfort with precision handling and snappy performance.

    I've a definite preference for performance steel frames and have ridden a lot of nice bikes and the fixed version was as good as any I've ridden.

  • Nice! I'm currently building up one of the purple 2019 frames. I prefer the team edition but I got a good price on it.

  • very nice! i have the track version and i love it so much. i'd like to be able to have the road one as well, actually i'm thinking about selling the fixed the fund the road

  • Will take some others and get them up. Anything in particular you’re interested in?

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Anyone ridden the Cinelli Vigorelli Road frames?

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