• Just had a call from my partner to say she was left hooked where Mackenzie Road intersects Caledonian Road.

    I'm told the driver wasn't indicating left and then flicked it on after hitting her. The driver reluctantly gave some, but not all details eg. name, number, but no insurance - they were pretty coy about being a DHL/UK Mail driver until my partner spotted the 'while you were out' slips.

    She has pictures of the van, the scene, the bike, and her injuries as they stand. I've also recommended she reports it to the police and starts to keep note of anything she's finding painful / having difficulty with. She isn't sure if she hit her head but has a bit of a headache so I've made her promise to go to a drop in / A+E if the headache remains after rehydrating.

    She has details from a couple of witnesses at the scene, including @Brun ..? I think. Thank, you so much she tells me you were amazingly helpful.

    I think we need to complete a V888 form to get the driver's insurance details, is that right? I'm going to tell her she mustn't engage directly with the driver unless it's to confirm insurance details especially not settle anything privately. She is already very achy and her bike (a lovely old moser) she says is 'rideable' but it sounds like they both took a bit of a wallop.

    Is there anything I've missed?

  • She called 101 to report it and they told her best to report online or go to a local station. is either option preferable over the other?

  • Sorry to hear about this

    • report in person
    • go to A&E
    • report to DHL/UK mail RE not giving insurance details
  • thanks @Howard

  • If she has LCC (cycling UK) or BC membership they will be able to offer advice.

  • sadly no, membership expired and hasn't been renewed. case is the same for both of us I'm afraid to say.

  • Based on my experience, Police say providing personal details is enough to not fall foul of "not providing details" law, but I imagine it might breach company policy.

  • I wasn't aware of the incident until I heard it, was waiting at the lights heading south on Caledonia Road. I made a point of looking to see that the van was indicating left, but have no idea how long for. The other witness whose details she has was behind them, so may have seen more. I've got GoPro footage but don't think it shows anything useful, happy to upload it if you want to take a look.

    The driver was weirdly insistent that we gave him our details before he'd do likewise, despite me asking him first. Never crossed my mind to ask for his insurance details, sorry about that.

    Might be worth getting the bike looked over but I think it'll be fine. Bars needed straightening but the forks hadn't been pushed back.

    As for reporting it, roadsafe may be the best option. Dunno if there's any benefit to going through the extra hassle of reporting it in person.

    Hope she's not too bruised and that her confidence hasn't taken too much of a knock. Pretty crap way to start the nicest day of the year so far.

    Edited to remove names cos I've just realised this wasn't a PM. Also removed vehicle details.

  • You may want to remove the vehicle details too?

    Wishing your partner well Pizzart. If she needs some confidence/cycle skills training PM me

  • Oh shit, hope the missus is OK

  • Hope she's ok, dude. Best wishes from a stranger on the internetz.

  • thanks for the nice messages folks, I have passed them on.

    she's been pretty reluctant to go get checked out but she's now warming to the idea as she's had increased trouble walking and getting up and down stairs throughout the day. gonna pop along to hospital together shortly.

    thanks @skydancer - will drop you a note once healed up all being well.

    @Brun if you wouldn't mind uploading or dm'ing me a dropbox or googley drive link it would be much appreciated- just in case. and thanks again, she has just reiterated to me how great you were this morning.

    gonna take the bike to our LBS this weekend for a once over.

  • +1 for a speedy recovery :)

  • Good to hear that she's OK, if achy, and hope there are no bad injuries on closer examination. Technically, a road traffic collision warrants calling 999, but in practice only crashes in which a personal injury occurs get attended by police (and there you should be insistent that the other parties wait for the police).

    Impressive that she was alert enough to spot the 'while you were out' slips.

    Hope the bike turns out not to be damaged.

  • Thanks Oliver. Went to A&E last night - staff amazing as ever. All fine, although a bit worrying at first as it was only once we got to hospital that she admitted she’d been feeling dizzy with slurred speech all day. Docs were satisfied after a couple of tests and an X-ray.

    Talked about doing some confidence/cycle skills once the bruises have healed, which will be super helpful I think.

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2018-04-19 Rider Down, Caledonian Road - my partner

Posted by Avatar for pizzarat @pizzarat