Specialized Tricross Singlecross headset help

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  • I bought a singlecross recently, and bought a shiny new cane creek set to go with it. CC have a handy headset fit finder which told me exactly which one to get.

    Unfortunately it doesn't fit properly - there is a lot of lateral play in the headset, and my local bike shop mentioned they have had these issues before with Allez frames.

    It seems Specialized have a proprietary system called mindset - do I have to use that?

    Otherwise, does anyone know which headset I can use with it?

  • As I remember Spesh used an open bearing semi integrated headset which doesn’t really exist on the open market.

    You need to remove the cups that are hidden away down inside the headtube and then I think a normal, integrated headset (ie bearings straight in the frame) will fit.

    The likes of @edscoble probably does this job fairly regularly so might be a bit more familiar with the set up than I am?

  • I have done such headset, and you're right, a normal integrated cartridge bearing headset will fit once you removed the cups.

    I think it's this one, but I need to go back to work to make sure it's the correct one;


  • Trufax.

    Drift the pesky factory cups out Roberts your Mum's bro.

    Any interrogated h/s 1/1'8 should fit.

  • Thanks for the help everyone, I'll see if I can get those cups out

  • @ACRe19 Did that FSA headset work for you? I'm just about to do this and looking for advice!

  • Fsa headset code; 121-0325N

  • That's the one that Specialized recommended to me but a spacer will still be required I think. I bodged mine with Cane Creek cover and cover spacer.

  • I'm just about to replace the headset on my 2008 Spesh Tri Single, glad I stumbled across this thread

  • Sorry, don't get notifications. I gave the bike away to a friend who sorted the headset in minutes. Make sure, if you have the original headset, you don't throw all the bits away like I did. I think my mate mentioned something about needing a concave washer or something.

  • Re-use original headset conical spacer instead of the FSA one.

    The cartridge bearing does sit quite deep inside the headset making most of the conical spacers redundant.

  • ^ yep did that and worked fine.

  • So how about my Enve tapered fork in a 2012 crux? Fucked? Stupid headset bearings and spacers all round?

  • That’s the two Crane Creek parts that sit on top of the head tube right?

  • That’s a relief, I kept those and binned everything else that came out. Frame is stripped down, cleaned and ready for build.

    Top was a b*tch to remove

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Specialized Tricross Singlecross headset help

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