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  • Hi Guys

    I’m looking to upgrade my current stock wheelset to something more “raceable”.
    There is an incredible amount of choice out there, and some seemingly decent alloy options as well as the ubiquitous carbon.

    I’m on a super tight budget so something like a set of Mavic Ellipse alloy wheels would equate to a couple of months saving up. Whereas carbon would involve multiple months’ worth of saving and longing.

    A brief bit of background on my riding; I’m a track newbie currently doing SQT’s. I’m aiming to join a track league in the Autumn (need to build up my fitness over the summer months) and I also race the occasional fixed gear crit.

    So, is it worth getting something serviceable and quickly or holding out for something more flash?

    Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


  • Fixed or geared the golden rule is only race what you can afford to crash. All the racing (geared) i've ever done has been on aluminium framed bikes with 105 gruppo and wheels no better than Fulcrum 3's. Luckily i've never crashed but have seen a lot of expensive carbon in shreds be it frame or wheels.
    In conclusion I would suggest the Mavics. The ellipses are well thought of and should do a job for you

  • Some wheely good advice that.

    Sorry, I’ll stop

  • maybe consider vsprint wheels by @varno - decent wheels with lots of options which ought to suit your budget / requirements. If I remember correctly you should be able to get a forum discount too.

  • I've recently tried to contact @varno both on here and via the v sprint website to see if he is still doing the wheels and didn't get any response.
    I agree they would make a great set of wheels but i fear he isn't selling them anymore. Can anyone confirm or refute?

  • I would personally avoid the Ellipse wheels, rear hub goes to shit quickly, especially if you are changing cogs frequently.

  • how odd! vsprint instagram still seems fairly active...

  • Yes that is odd. Anyway if anyone has any success going forward ordering v-sprint wheels let me know

  • Why would you think he's stopped selling wheels? Plenty of wheels listed on his website.

    There's a phone number listed on there too if you have a query.

    I doubt he treats LFGSS as a primary means of communication and he wouldn't be the first small business I dealt with, that's not on top of emails (too busy doing whatever the business actually does).

    Particularly if it was an email asking if he sold wheels and was sent via the website where he lists the wheels he's selling...

  • Why would I think he's stopped selling wheels?

    Well i found out about v-sprint wheels on the LFGSS website. However, the latest posts at the time suggested customers were having difficulty in getting responses from Varno. That aside I went to the website. You'll notice that it has a "connect with us" section displaying an e-mail, Facebook and twitter icon. I followed the Facebook link and the page was a couple of years out of date...it is now a broken link. The Twitter link took me to a v sprint page which was also dated, it now links through to Varno's personal account...which left the e-mail link, so I sent a message. I also DM'd him through LFGSS and received no response from either.

    So in summary at the time "connect with us" was a blank trail on all fronts as was attempting to contact via LFGSS. Pretty foolish of me to even contemplate that he might not be trading anymore.

  • I don't understand why you're going around the houses: just pick up the phone.

  • He might not be able to talk, ever thought of that?

  • Going around the houses, how so? I followed the connect with us links on the page.
    Anyway it's not an issue anymore as you've confirmed he's still in the wheel business.

  • Haha..guys im here.......anything i can help with...PS i can talk too ;-))

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Wheel advice

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