WTD: Frame Pump (to suit 56cm top tube)

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  • Annoyingly my two month old XL Topeak framepump is a smidge too long for my new frame, so I need a frame pump a size down.

    The large Topeak should suit, or if I'll accept other equivilant frame pumps. To suit a 56cm top tube.

    If, and it seems unlikely, you want to swap a L for an XL, I'd very much be up for that too. Topeak states the XL is good for 59-64cm but I had it on a 58cm frame with skinny-ish tubes.

  • I have a Zefal one that's a good fit for a frame with a 56cm top tube, except that in this location (not down tube) it requires securing with velcro to stop it sliding down to lodge at the bottom of the head tube. Any use to you?

  • Just scored one from eBay actually, but thanks all the same. If anyone's after a XL Topeak give me a shout.


WTD: Frame Pump (to suit 56cm top tube)

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