Kona Owners/Konappreciation

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  • Must admit I'm not a massive fan of the newer Konas but the old ones were pretty damn amazing... they got a bit boxy for me!

  • A couple of old Konas from the basement.

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  • My 2018 Kona Rove ST.
    Everything stock, except the Cambium.

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  • First two are dreamy!

  • 1992 Cinder Cone in its spiritual home of Vancouver,BC

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  • I'll have to get a couple of snaps of the two I built up for my sister and nephew (which they never bloody ride!).... The years escape me, but a lovely goldy coloured cindercone and an orange (probably a cindercone) one decaled up as a Kiluea .

  • Not a fanboi but my last two full suspension bikes have been Konas; a Howler and a Precept 200.

    I short-shocked the Howler to drop the BB and slacken the HT angle - and then ran longer travel forks to slacken it further and bring the BB back up again.

    It ran the pimpest set of Avid Juicys imaginable - bright white with Straitline lever blades, Goodridge hoses and posh pads.. still absolutely garbage and required bleeding every 6 minutes. Getting annoyed just thinking about them.

    It was great for dirt jumping but I decided to get rid and buy something 'sensible' (and longer).. like a 200mm mini DH bike.

    26" but ran 650b wheels in it. Swapped the coil shock for a Monarch RC3+ Debonair for more support (I ran the Howler rear suspension rock hard) and rode it once. Now back to standard and up on Pinkbike classifieds.

    Would love to have the Howler again for ripping around the streetz.

  • Looking for some advice, can anyone advise if the above fork will take a 28c tyre under a mudguard, specifically a pdw which is fairly svelte? Oh and long drop calliper? Thanks

    Edit: ah shite, thought a picture would be attached, fork in question is the steel P2? fitted to paddy wagon/honky tonk, thanks

  • Mine is the stock Paddy Wagon fork, definitely not a P2. I can only fit a 25c Marathon Plus with guards. The side clearance is fine, I just couldn't squeeze it in vertically. Depending on the guards you might get lucky, can't guarantee it though.

  • My search continues...... thanks for the advice, I’ll maybe keep a lookout and take a punt if one comes up cheap enough, or just stick with the perfectly functional carbon legged fork that came with the bike and performs all of my requirements but is less aesthetically pleasing....

  • This is my third Kona, a Humu bought from @n3il on here to replace a skip rescue Dr. Dew I snapped in half. I've been commuting on it year round here in Oslo, so far so good!

    I usually have full fenders and a wald on the rack but they got taken off with the studded tyres last week in a spring frenzy. It needs paint before next winter comes, right now I'm thinking about stripping the green and glitter clearcoating the bare metal...

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  • Ah man I miss this bike. Looks good!
    I had it clearcoated for a while, it looked lovely.

  • I had my Paddy Wagon nicked recently - if anyone sees one for sale*, be grateful if you could let me know.

    *I don't imagine I'll ever see mine again, but would like to replace it with another, as it was a great bike. But, just in case, it was the old grey, drop handlebar version, and pinched from Limehouse.

  • I keep flip flopping, my last two bikes were black and bare clearcoat but I think the Humu deserves some colour... Maybe even a green/yellow fade!

  • it seems i’m in the market for a paddy.. again.. i tried to scratch the itch a few years back, but the 2007 colourway just didn’t do it for me.. so of anyone has a 2006 frameset (dark blue, black fork, yellow lettering outlines) in 56cm, please shout!

  • what is the name of the rear disc brake adapter you installed onto the kona race light?

  • what is the name of the rear disc brake adapter you installed onto the kona race light?

  • .

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  • Any interest here for what i believe is a 1994 kona Lava Dome. Have fitted new black kona seatpost with the original saddle and badly fitted a broken but functional matching front mudguard!
    Needs a new seat clamp collar and has a rusty chain but is in amazing working order. £100 can meet in London within reason. Let me know and save me compiling another classifieds ad!
    Thanks @andyfallsoff. Pleasure to meet you. Hope the bike serves you well and doesn’t get you in trouble when you get it home!

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  • What size is it ? Cheers

  • http://www.retrobike.co.uk/gallery2/v/Ma­nufacturer+Archive/Kona/Catalogues/Kona+­Catalogue+1994/22.jpg.html

    I believe its got a 22 inch / 56cm top tube which would make the length of the seat tube centre to top 16 inch / 41cm ish cm according to the 1994 catalogue on retro bike.

  • Thanks, a bit small for me. GLWS

  • Thank you for quick response. Just for reference Im 6ft 2 inches and with quite a bit of seat post on show it fits me beautifully!

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Kona Owners/Konappreciation

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