• Quite extraordinary. The police say: “We can confirm a 27-year old man from Camden was arrested on April 4 for offences including grievous bodily harm with intent and dangerous driving. He has been released under investigation while enquiries continue.”


    This sounds as if it could have been much worse. Hope he heals up soon.

  • The driver will probably get off on a minor charge like careless driving, though perhaps not since Gilligan is a celeb

  • That's probably what will happen, which sucks.
    I feel, if you use your vehicle as a weapon like this, you should never be allowed to drive again.
    You aren't allowed to own a gun here with any sort of infraction here, as far as I know. So why be allowed to use a car if you've used to it to injure someone? It's just as deadly as gun in the situation.

    Speedy recovery Andrew!

    (the gun thing was literally the only thing I could think of)

  • Don't forget that there have been convictions for murder and attempted murder in cases in which drivers have deliberately hit cyclists, if only a few. It's certainly going to be high-profile. Bishopsgate is one of the busiest streets in London and there would have been busloads, literally, of witnesses. It may also have happened very close to Bishopsgate Police Station, so if you're going to try to deliberately run someone over, you couldn't pick a much worse spot for trying to get away with it. I'd certainly find it depressing if, with the odds stacked like that, the greater charge didn't stick.

  • Your face when you realise that guy on a bike you deliberately ran over turns out to be rather well connected.

    Heal up Andrew.

  • Shit a brick.

    Still, Gilligan hit the back of the car when it stopped ... perhaps he needs to improve his cycle skills?

  • To be clear: nothing should induce a driver to use their vehicle as a weapon, I hope the throw the ffing book at him.

  • This has just come to court:


    He faces two charges — assaulting Mr Gilligan on April 4 last year “with a motor vehicle” and dangerous driving.

    I don't know what penalties these carry and whether more serious charges would have been available.

  • Personally, I think using a vehicle as a weapon should mean a complete loss of license permanently, you obviously aren't fit to be on the road if you see such actions as acceptable. But it'll probably be 2/3 year ban hopefully, a fine and/or compensation to victim.

  • Nissan Juke: the car of cunts

  • Qashqais. That is all.

    My apologies Oliver

  • Gentlemen, this is 'Rider down'. I know it's an unusual thread, but a little more decorum in your use of language would be fitting. :)

  • Thanks Ollie.

    @PhilDAS True! Qashqai is truly the vehicle du nos jours of those one expects to meet again the day after next Monday.

  • I own both of those vehicles.....what does that make me?

  • Someone in need of a double headed dildo?

  • Good job I don't own either then, not sure where that would fit!

    My mum has a Qashqai though, with a private plate, absolute womble.

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2018-04-04 Rider down, Bishopsgate (Andrew Gilligan)

Posted by Avatar for Oliver Schick @Oliver Schick