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  • Sold on my old road frame for something a bit more gravel-esque. New frame was a toss up between a Kepler and a Cross Check. Went with a Kepler (thanks to @Jules) and it’s looking pretty good, so far. Adding Sram Red and other bits from my old bike, and looking to add a front rack and other bits - watch this space

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  • Christ. Did not like this frame when it was sat in our house. Now it looks rowdy! Awesome

    Edit: I live with Jules (unfortunately)

  • Paint job isn’t the best, but starting to warm on me.

  • Any advice on a front rack?

  • Yeah this looks awesome!

    Guessing the front rack will be a small one attached to the canti studs? Or are you wanting something bigger?

  • Also are those the rivendell tyres that planet X have?
    Would be interested to hear what they're like!

  • Nitto M12 is nice for a small bag or basket.
    I suggest tilting bars down a smidge and moving levers up a tad.
    Looks great btw

  • Nice conservatory, but your decking wants a proper clean. Dibs big radiator.

  • Radiator’s gone. Soz

  • I am not sure on size, really I know I want to get my brooks panniers on there and I’m thinking I might get the restrap small Rando.
    Looked at the nitto that @Hulsroy (thanks) suggested but think it’s a bit small.

  • I'd go with a pelago if you want the option of a rack top and panniers. Can get them in different widths and they are solid!

  • Froglegs arrived in the post, but realised I’m going to need to fit crabon pads (cantilever), I think I need koolstop or swissstop but would like any other suggestions if anyone has experience?

    Also, where can I pick up in town? Want to get them on tomorrow, so I can catch 🌞

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  • This is a constant work in progress, as I am never really happy with the result.

    This is its current guise. I've aimed to adjust the sitting position so my boy can join the ride (using a Thule YEPP mini), so I've lost the drops and stuck on new SRAM bits for a flat bar (Alpkit Fu Manchu).

    I've also changed the calipers to TRPs , so I can actually stop and stuck on a Pelago commuter for front panniers and a handle bag (this one is Ostrich)

    Next updates will be new cassette and rear derailleur (probs rival), switch to 1x10 but not yet found a 130 bcd chainring that will accommodate, not sure one exists

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  • Really like the look of this. I've been looking at the Kepler to replace my CAAD as a more all round wagon but don't want to end up with a tank that is neither that good on or off the road. Have you done much in the way of regular road cycling on slicks and how did you find it? Heavy?

  • Get a Caad disc

  • This is so cool , I am jealous

  • Just commuting and little weekend rides. I’ve gone from a weight weenie carbon road bike to this and it’s hugely satisfying, but slower. Kepler is a cool frame but don’t have much to compare it with, so worth trying a few out first.

    With more cash I might be tempted by a wolverine

  • Race Face do a 130bcd narrow/wide ring. Think Chain reaction/ Wiggle have em. Nice bike.

  • Also Chinese ones on eBay are fine. J&L they’re probably called

  • Thanks both

  • Couple of more pics

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  • Awesome. Just found this which you may be interested to know is your actual frame.

  • Ahh I see. Jules mentioned it was used on a shoot. Never really got what the brother boys were trying to get down with the style. Frame says 90s, ad creative says 80s.

    Either way, I’ll probably get it sprayed

  • Frame says 90s, ad creative says 80s.

    89 then.

  • Thanks, i suspect it's more than capable enough for me, i neither race or do much fast road riding. The main draw is to have something i can take longer distance without having to stick to the smoother roads.

    I quite like the paint job, what colour were you thinking if you respray it?

    @PhilDAS CAAD disc would be nice but the Brother would be a straight frame swap with my CAAD (bar some canti's which i already have).

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Oh Brother

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