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  • Sold on my old road frame for something a bit more gravel-esque. New frame was a toss up between a Kepler and a Cross Check. Went with a Kepler (thanks to @Jules) and it’s looking pretty good, so far. Adding Sram Red and other bits from my old bike, and looking to add a front rack and other bits - watch this space

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  • Christ. Did not like this frame when it was sat in our house. Now it looks rowdy! Awesome

    Edit: I live with Jules (unfortunately)

  • Paint job isn’t the best, but starting to warm on me.

  • Any advice on a front rack?

  • Yeah this looks awesome!

    Guessing the front rack will be a small one attached to the canti studs? Or are you wanting something bigger?

  • Also are those the rivendell tyres that planet X have?
    Would be interested to hear what they're like!

  • Nitto M12 is nice for a small bag or basket.
    I suggest tilting bars down a smidge and moving levers up a tad.
    Looks great btw

  • Nice conservatory, but your decking wants a proper clean. Dibs big radiator.

  • Radiator’s gone. Soz

  • I am not sure on size, really I know I want to get my brooks panniers on there and I’m thinking I might get the restrap small Rando.
    Looked at the nitto that @Hulsroy (thanks) suggested but think it’s a bit small.

  • I'd go with a pelago if you want the option of a rack top and panniers. Can get them in different widths and they are solid!

  • Froglegs arrived in the post, but realised I’m going to need to fit crabon pads (cantilever), I think I need koolstop or swissstop but would like any other suggestions if anyone has experience?

    Also, where can I pick up in town? Want to get them on tomorrow, so I can catch 🌞

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Oh Brother

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