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  • Yes, 2019 it going to be quite a bit different, sure it'll still be good and worth it. Think it'll be more of a gravel biek crowd - the new forest events could be ridden on anything and met loads of people who basically run what you brung.

  • I’d say also that it would be a good idea to go in a group. Plenty of people happy to chat and invite you to ride along with them but at times I thought a lot of people were sticking with their groups and it was good to have a couple of mates to chill with

  • The rain put a bit of a downer on the social mixing. Everyone just scrambling for their tents. Still good fun last year, despite destroying a derailleur hanger, cassette and derailleur.

    I would recommend multiplying their minimum tire size recommendation by about 1.5 and just bringing a mountain bike.

  • I would also have enjoyed a mountain bike but I was alright on the gravel bike with 42c

  • Thanks all, just bought a ticket.

  • Last year was a blast, with gentle cycling, generally on fire roads and similar. I think this year is going to be in a new location in Dorset. It’s bound to be much more challenging. Its now in the same area as the Dorest gravel dash, and if it’s anything like that, it will be far hillier and more technical affair with some fairly sketchy descents. They were for me on my touring bike with rim bikes and 35c tyres anyway, not to mention downtube shifters...

  • Attending this year with my better half, deliberating between drop bars with 35mm knobblies, or a hardtail with 2.25". I think either would probably be OK...

  • Gentle cycle - ignoring the bit through the bog that lead to soaked feet and hike a bike (and a destroyed derailleur and cassette and chain).
    Apparently the locals knew to skip it thought!

  • This year's event site has a covered/hardstanding area which means if we get another round of apocalyptic rain storms at night, people will be able to take shelter all evening. That being said, people's resilience despite the rain last year was impressive.

    We're running a free ride out on the Friday from Velo Domestique if anyone fancies joining us, it will involve visiting a bakery and a craft beer brewery and isn't super technical but still fun.

  • What time is the your ride starting on Friday? Me and a few mates are planning on heading down earlyish on Friday and wanted to get a ride in.

  • 10am(ish), it's gonna be a steady paced all day ride with pub/food/river swimming stops. Trying to work out if that's too early for people coming down from London and other places? Could push it back to 11 or midday

  • could make it for midday but any earlier would be pushing it for us as we are coming from Cambridge

  • Awesome, we're keen to get as many people as possible on our roll out so we can hold off 'til midday.

    Closest station is Pokesdown and it's on the main line from London.

  • Balls. I didn't see it was from your shop, we are driving down so it might be a bit complicated. Will just head out from the Brothers campsite area.

  • No worries, look forward to seeing you at the site anyway! We'll probably post our route online so you could do some of it in reverse if you fancied a Friday afternoon ride

  • Looking forward to this. any ideas of timings on sun? booking a train

  • Took a cautious view and booked the 19:20, still no idea on timing but based on previous years 6-7pm has been our get away.

  • So err, is anyone riding this fixed?

    Suspect the terrain is going to be a big step-up from the New Forest (having done Gravel Dash & there are only so many routes around the Jurassic coast).

  • A week to go... who's going down?

  • Well...if anyone needs a lift from Bristol, we have space for people and bikes in a van. PM if you're interested.

  • meant to be going, but currently fifty fifty

  • I'll going to this, taking the 13.35 train from London Waterloo to Wareham on Friday and the 18.20 back on Sunday. Will likely leave the cross bike at home and ride a 27.5+ MTB

  • Will be there, you'll spot the village idiot on the pulled together green fixed thing.
    Hopefully the lower gear and bigger tyres will arrive on time.

  • Will be heading down Saturday morning - Riding a Kona Roadhouse, along with my brother whos on a blue Kepler, say hi!

    On another note, does anybody know the routes?
    With the likelihood of rain - are there any bits worth avoiding if riding on knobly(ish) 35's?

  • You not get the email with all the deets (maybe your bro has it/whoever booked the ticket)? PM your address and I'll forward..

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Brother in the Wild

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