Lymphoma Hat-trick. RIP Rowhan

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  • Great news Rowhan! Was thinking about how you were doing just this past weekend. Here's to a full recovery.

  • What wonderful news, I am so pleased for you and your loved ones.

  • 🤘 well done! Really happy for you and hope that you stay fit and healthy pal.

  • Incredible news. Absolutely smashing cancer in the balls. Nice one.

  • brilliant stuff 😁😁😁👊👍👍

  • Fuck yeah. That’s how it’s done

  • What a fantastic thing to hear. Great news.

  • Thumbs up!

    PM me your size (cycling clothing) and address, I'll put a celebration in the post for you.

  • Such great news. 💪

  • Well done fella

  • Cheers Señor Dov! - will message you as soon as I have a chance

    Thanks everyone else and sorry I was AFK for so long but the last ~4 months kicked the livimg shit out of me, strained my mind body and finances to absolute breaking point, nearly killed me and just to top it off cost me my relationship

    I've spent the last week starting up a youtube channel to start retrospectively documenting the last 6 years bit by bit. No experience of editing or recording (fuck me it's difficult with a 5yr old pc) and I'm struggling to talk clearly a lot of the time thanks to lasting radiotherapy symptoms but I'm hoping to properly find my stride and confidence and start making some really focused stuff on what the experiences have been like. Eventually I'll try making episodes on cancer like "How to" sort of stuff...

    But for now there's mainly just thoughts while I'm on the turbo and the latest episode it all got a bit emotional... also my editing skills (lack of) definitely show 🤣

    If anyone can give it a view I'd appreciate it. You might learn something or at the least get a bit of understanding about life with cancer. It's a work in progress anyway..

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  • Good news! Glad your back on the bike, positive vibes. +

  • You actually have a great voice for presenting, you enunciate well, especially considering you're pumping out the watts.

  • I just came on here with some unfortunate news... then found out Bullheart had died.

    I thought things were bad enough already but this really is on another level :-(

  • Mate, I understand it's tough to hear about Mark but saying something like that just leaves people who care about you hanging.

  • How are you doing?

  • I relapsed sometime in January...
    Pet scan confirmed early last week
    Biopsy results tomorrow or tuesday should tell me how long I've got / what my chances are.

    I probably start palliative chemo in a week I expect

  • Oh Andy

    So sorry to read this. Stay strong

  • Sorry to hear this Andy.
    Really sorry to hear it.
    Let me know if there’s anything I can do.

  • You said on Instagram that the palliative chemo is to hopefully get you ready for a new treatment. Is that still the case?

  • So sorry to hear this news, keep on keepin' on, man... I'll be rooting for ya... ❤️

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Lymphoma Hat-trick. RIP Rowhan

Posted by Avatar for Rowhan @Rowhan