Lymphoma Hat-trick. RIP Rowhan

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  • I hope it goes as well as such a day can tomorrow.

  • I'm in Scotland so cannot attend.

    All the best for tomorrow to all those attending. @Cazakstan has it spot on.

  • Funeral went well.

    When somebody dies young with lots of people who love them it's always going to be a raw and desperately sad occasion.

    Andy's coffin was accompanied to the crematorium by about twenty of his fellow club riders. I'm sure I heard a Garmin autopause beep when they arrived. Perhaps one last Strava segment for the road.

    Beautiful eulogy from his Dad. Must have been the toughest thing he has ever done.

  • Thanks for representing, Dan.

  • You're very welcome. He was represented by a lot of people. Really nice to see some old friends.

    Now to start thinking about his wish for me to hold a fund raising event in his memory.

  • I did learn something today. Did any of you guys know that Andrew used to be a pole vaulter?!

  • Beautiful and heartfelt ceremony at the crem. Full kit from the Kingston Wheelers CC! Not a dry eye in the house. Forgot my LFGSS forum cap, damn! The physicist's eulogy was an extra special touch. Miss you and your wit Andy but see you again pal xx

  • Apart from being a pole vaulter, he appears to have been an academic child genius too

  • I'm so happy to hear it went well. I can't imagine how sad it was. Thanks for going.

  • A big thank you for those who turned up yesterday and a big thanks for all the kind words said about andy on this forum.
    It is still sinking in that yesterday happened.

  • lovely to meet you omash27, next time in more favourable circumstances i hope

  • I'm so sad just catching up on this. The horrible side to dropping outta soxial meed-ja; things happen around you and you're left to your own quiet mourn. I guess my sadness at Andrew's passing will be felt by car insurance companies...

    Andrew: much respect to you for your genuinely brave fight. We all gonna die but we have the option to go out swinging, on our feet or meekly. I'm inspired by your choice. There's enough of you up there to start an additional drinks session. Keep the seats warm. Ride on.

  • Thinking of you dude...

  • Missing you so much mate x

  • Happy birthday lad
    Missing you more than ever x

  • Coming up to a year since @Rowhan died. Keep thinking I've spotted the daft cunt in Richmond Park :D

  • Last week I was riding a loop that I had ridden with Andrew, where he was humouring me by not completely smashing it.

  • That me!

    Jokes aside, i miss him. RIP

  • I have a silly North London hills route he rode with me in my route files.. probably need to ride that with someone?! Any takers.

  • I reckon we should do something as a group. I'd be up for that.

    I'm not going to be free until August 15th though.

  • I'd be keen as well

  • I would be up for that.

  • 15th could be good..

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Lymphoma Hat-trick. RIP Rowhan

Posted by Avatar for Rowhan @Rowhan