Lymphoma Hat-trick. RIP Rowhan

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  • It is, but at this stage any chemo is just to "buy time" which could potentially be a decent amount of time..

    Problem is the previous timing of almost 3 years between relapses has been blown out of the water.
    Either the transplant chemo didn't wipe me clean which says "it" is now significantly more resistant to chemo, or my body isn't up to fighting it off for long now.

    I was only disease free, if at all, for 3 months this time so potential outlook is - chemo for a mi th next week, cell harvest for rad new immunology trial in the US. Then a transplant or sorts somewhere in england and 4 weeks under 24hr obs.

    Seems theres equal chances for the treatment to cure me, do nothing, or tear my body to pieces and attack all my organs.

    If it does nothing my only option going forward is chemo for as long as it's feasible / my body can take it / it actually has any effect

  • Fuck cancer right in the mouth.
    Absolutely awful news. Wishing you strength and positivity

  • ^ this.

  • @Señor_Bear too late to claim whatever it was you were going to send me when I was in remission for all of 4 months? Sorry I never got in touch but life's been 1 squit short of a shower of shit

  • all the best, keep fighting. and yep fuck cancer.

    wishing you positivity.

  • No worries.
    I'll bring you some biscuits if you like. Better than Rapha gear in most ways.
    Try and stay positive.

  • Horrible news fella. Stay strong and know there's a lot of people sending you positivity and well wishes for what they're worth. Really hoping the best for you!

  • Shite news. This is not the Brexit I voted for :(

    Sending you maximum forum love from Fife.

  • Hey all
    Andrew lost his battle with cancer this morning.
    Thought and prayers to his family and all that were close to him.

  • Oh fuck

    Horrible news. Likewise thoughts and prayers for those who knew him.


  • Very sad. My condolences to friends and family.

  • RIP Andrew.

    Such sad news.

  • Ah shit.
    I never know how to react to this sort of news, I didn't know Andy but sincerely wished the best for him, and am genuinely saddened my the news.

    Hope all that knew him are handling it as well as can be.

    Ride in peace

  • RIP Andrew. :(

    All the best to his family.

  • Bad news, RIP, mate...

  • Awful news. RIP @rowhan.

    Fuck @cancer.

  • So sad to hear.
    He'd managed to kick cancers arse so many times....

    RIP Andrew.

  • Was touched by this thread last year, extremely sad news.

  • I spoke to him on Sunday and he asked me and Jana to visit him but we were in Austria. Tried to contact him to arrange when to pop over but feared the worst when I saw the messages not being delivered.

    So sad we didn't get a chance to say goodbye. What a brave man.

    (Edited because I got the day wrong).

  • So sad to hear this, not sure quite what to say, he was such a tough bastard I thought he'd beat it again and ride home over every hill in London. Fuck cancer.

  • RIP fella. This is shitty.

  • Oh, shit. Never met anybody so determined to conquer his troubles.

  • Ah fuck, that's sad.

    I have been unceasingly impressed by the way that he faced his illness head on, so often, and for such a long time.

    Fuck cancer, eh.

  • RIP Andrew. So sad.

  • Fuck cancer.

    Rest in peace rider, your courage was inspirational.

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Lymphoma Hat-trick. RIP Rowhan

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