Is this bike stolen?

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  • I came across this bike this morning in Deptford market, I have checked the stolen bike registers (nothing flagged up), would hate to think I am riding somebody's pride and joy about. I thought it would be worth buying (not a lot of money) and do all I could to check it is legit, and if it did turn out to be stolen I would be more than happy to return to the owner.

    I can imagine if it were stolen the owner would know the frame number & or the specification, components. As a security measure, will not post a picture, so I can use the exact components to verify true ownership.

    It is a Condor Pista, beige & white.

  • Same bike, I have checked all the registers and listed on other forums, twitter, and are speaking to Seth from Condor, who have found the serial number, if it is stolen we will get it back to the owner.

    Thanks for the link.

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  • Seth from Condor is contacting the original purchaser.

    It is safe indoors.

    Will update!

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  • I have deffo seen this bike and its owner around SW London. East Sheen to be exact.

  • Thanks for that, Condor are going to contact the original purchaser, and we will go from there.

  • top man!

  • My two teenage boys had their fixies stolen from our yard recently, particularly gutted because they had worked and saved for them. I would hate to think I was riding a stolen bike.

  • Update for those interested.

    Seb from Condor has contacted the owner who purchased the bike, it was stolen a few days ago, he has passed on my number, awaiting a call!

    Can't wait to reunite the two of them!

    Will post a picture.

  • Spoken to James, the owner who will be picking up the bike this evening!

    The power of the internet and the community that love bikes!

  • Bingo, found the owner with the help of Condor, owner coming to pick up this evening!

  • Who was selling the bike in Deptford; was it the little guy with the white beard?

  • Nope not Peter, will be passing on the details to the authorities.

  • 🙌🙌🙌 Top work

  • Good work! Hope the owner buys you a very large beer.

  • awesome, nice one @CondorPista

  • Result :). Just out of curiosity how much did you buy it for?

  • The market stall holder asked for £85, they get some of their stock from lock up auctions and storage clearance down there, I thought he obviously doesn’t know what he has, or it is stolen. But it now seems the bike was only stolen two days ago from the owners garage, along with a carbon fibre race bike. So if he was selling it for £85, he must have given pittance for it. Cheekily I offered him eighty. Five minutes later I was sat in front of my laptop checking the stolen lists & speaking with Condor.

  • The reunion, James and his Condor Pista, his trusty cycle for ten years!

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  • Epic detective work sir!
    Were you not tempted to throw those bullhorns in the sea and fit some risers and a proper stem before the guy collected? ;)

  • Bicycles are like tooth brushes, they are personal....


  • Good shit.

  • A condor pista for £85 is going to be stolen
    B you were told it was more than likely stolen before you left the market
    C 99% of the bicycles offered by that vendor have very questionable provenance.

    Sorry if I missed something

  • What is to miss? I had already purchased the bike before It was indicated to me it may be stolen, like I didn’t suspect that may be the case. Could have walked away, but secured the bike tracked down the owner, reunited the bike with its rightful owner, what’s to miss? Oh yes and risked being out of pocket. The owner was over the moon. Surely that is a good outcome? Or Like you could have walked on.


Is this bike stolen?

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