Transiberica Bike Race (Spain)

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  • Damn, these are some skinny-like numbers:­9251

  • Those numbers would not be a disgrace in a 24 hour TT.

  • Annoyingly, legendstracking doesn't seem to work here, so I can't dotwatch.

  • i had to turn my add block off for the site

  • I use NoScript, but even allowing everything doesn't make it work. There seems to be some kind of blocked object, but I don't see a way of addressing that.

  • Same issue here, have to use Safari on mac or IE on windows.
    Using trackleaders should be mandatory for all race organizers.

  • Are Sami and Bruno #2 and #15 actually riding together? Same route and precious little ground between their dots throughout.

  • hippy still in 7th . Not sure of the current colour of his derriere.

  • Are Sami and Bruno #2 and #15 actually riding together? Same route and precious little ground between their dots throughout.

    According to the tracker they have had different routes for most of the ride and almost 2 hours between them on the time stamp on cp1?

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  • OK. Just whenever I've looked recently one dot is covered by the other.

  • Looks like Ulrich left his gear at the bottom of the Pico de Veleta climb.­

    Probably not a rule in this race.

  • what a nob

  • How's hippy doing? Can't see tracker.
    His twitter is making me hungry.

  • Hippy is 8th now, riding on the same roads as the others. 6 riders in front of him are all less than 100km from him and two riders pretty close behind him. Ulrich is about a day ahead of the others already.

  • Alright, go hippy. Perhaps you could do GBDuro next year Samuli? Maybe not long / wild enough though... Like a mini Tour Divide.

  • GBDuro

    I will need to think about this too.

  • Cp 3 looks lovely.

  • yeah, hippy's Twitter pictures look amazing from here.

  • hippy really suffering but up into fourth place and with a chance of a podium finish.

  • Well damn, apparently so, as Bruno #15, now 2nd, was bitten by a dog today and now in hospital.

    HIppy something like three hours behind Sami, who had to reroute for a 60km of road that's not allowed to ride a bike on. Looks like he's much more comfortable than hippy but he's never as vocal about suffering as hippy, though no one is.

  • hippy seems to be following a windier route closer to the coast than his nearest rivals.

    Cue more moaning.

    If hippy could convert moaning into power, he would be home by now.

  • hippy currently in a battle for fifth place with #4 Luis Cavalho, who appears to have taken a more inland and less windy route.

    Ulrich Bartholemos likely to win today.

  • Ulrich has had some knee issues, but he's indeed almost at the finish already.­2019

    From what I've heard from Sami and Kim, some roads and driving in Portugal are somewhat shit, but there's some nice, though slower, small roads too. And strong wind on their routes too.

  • Ulrich won at around 18:30 yesterday.

    Hippy still moaning.

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Transiberica Bike Race (Spain)

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