Opinions on TBA style frame building course

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  • No, i think thats how they started but I dont think they do those courses any more. Could be wrong though.

  • Exactly this. I did Dave's course ten years ago and I really worked hard on the design details.
    I had him order a whole load of custom parts, stainless bottle mounts, quick changer chain catcher, stainless cable adjusted, stainless fork crown and dropouts etc.
    I spent a lot of time planning and in discussion with Dave. I've done jewelry making in the past and this allowed me to convince Dave to let me use silver soldered stainless parts and dropouts. It added to the cost, but I asked him afterwards about how much he would have charged to build the same frame and he reckoned I'd saved money, which he acknowledged was pretty rare on his courses.
    I'd agree about the paint though. Wish I'd gone somewhere else. He's OK, but not great.

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  • TBA do the thing where once you've done the course you can hire some workspace and do you're own thing. Trouble is it'd be an 800 mile round trip for me to get there!

    Anyone know if any of the others do this? I'm sure I'd read about another couple that did but not finding much now. I'm thinking Dave Yates and Bicycle By Design in particular as they are the more northerly based ones.

    Anyone got anything to say about the Bicycles By Design lot? I'd never heard of them till I did a bit of googling today.

  • I think dave Yates is in process of winding down towards retirement.

    Reilly and geoff Roberts are both doing course both down south

  • Has anybody got experience with Ellis Briggs, or Paul Gibson? Based in Shipley, nr Bradford, so it won't be convenient for everyone. I've been looking at all the courses above, but they'd all need me to stay in a hotel/B&B for the duration.
    The EB course is also reasonable money, but still over a grand.

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Opinions on TBA style frame building course

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