genuine Pinarello or fake?

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  • genuine or replica?...... before i spend my hard earned cash!

  • heres the pic

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  • the answer start from you, where did you get it.

  • Isn't there a serial number on the bb? I think you can check if it's authentic.

  • Its being advertised for £600 (quite low) i'm tempted but suspicious. I've checked numerous websites to no avail..i've just texted for a serial no. If genuine, according to seller it is, i'm going for it!.

  • What kind of bottom bracket does it use? A genuine Dogma will have an Italian threaded one.

  • ye i'm finding these things out. I'm going to view tomorrow i hope.


    not a great video but if the cable guides look the same and so do things like transfers its a clue... Try registering the frame number on the pinarello site, the fakes get knocked back apparently.

  • ye seen that!

  • Looks pretty fake

  • I'm going with fake, the headtube looks wrong and I can't see any others online that have internal gear cables

  • 600 quid for a bike clearly worth a fair bit more than that, if it's not fake it's probably nicked

  • Fake!

  • Lol.

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  • Fake or not it looks, and always will look, shit

  • 100% fake. only the dogma 65.1 and later models had the ''think 2'' internal cable routing which can be run either mechanical or electric. the 60.1 frames came either as a mechanical verision with external cables or an internal electric version

  • Um, the 60.1 frame alone retails for about 2 grand. What do you think?

  • They're all made in the exact same factories. The only way to tell is to look inside the fork blades.

  • No need to check the serial number. That's a fake.
    Ask them why they put 60.1 decals on a 65.1... :)

  • I'm afraid not.
    Many sellers from mainland China declare fake frames OEM (when real frames are made by a fairly small Taiwanese factory).
    After seeing and inspecting many of these fake frames, I can assure you that these products are different in many ways to confirm they are not made in the same factories: inconsistent tolerances, different carbon grade and layering, walls thickness, etc...
    Paint obviously is the first giveaway as Dogmas are painted in Treviso and will tell right away if the frame is real or not... unless it was repainted.

  • Nah. Taiwan is a part of China. There's only one factory. Or many but one owner.

    They make also specialised bikes

  • Haha ok it took me a while to get the sarcasm.

    And they also make Giant bikes.

  • Fake

  • Real

  • Really Fake !

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genuine Pinarello or fake?

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